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Legends that were lost

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Again, a Middle-Earth RP like my others. The last one is a bit confusing and has enormous historical mistakes on my part, but will hopefully continue as it is, but this one will take the story forwards a couple of thousand years. The map is still the same, found in the other thread. I'll link the map to here too if needed to.


The third age, middle-earth. Sauron has been defeated, the Hobbits have settled in the Shire and the elves are growing weak and leaving for Anor. The maiar no longer travel Middle-earth, and only five remain who are named the Istari, the wizards. Rohan and Gondor have grave disputes and the two kind grow apart and it all turns almost into hatred between the two human kingdoms. However, darkness rises in the North as the witch-king of Angmar fights against the Dúnedain kingdoms under the banner of Sauron of Mordor. It seems that Angmar is the only place where the shadows spread from, for Mordor is silent and Mt. Doom does not spit fire and thick smoke over the borders of Sauron's dark land. A group of people from all over Middle-Earth have gathered by coincidence into the valley where Imladris lies, in seek of the wise Elrond half-elven...













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Name: Naurhîr, son of Arabeleg

Age: 2931

Gender: Male

Race: Forest-elf

Appearance: Naurhîr

Powers/Talents: Normal elven traits; Silent steps, excellent marksmanship, stealth in forests, herbalistic skills, speaks entish

Weapons: Two long daggers(Glawar and Annûn/Sunlight and Sunset) and a Longbow(Gwilwileth/Butterfly)

Occupation: Prince


Bio: The second son of Arabeleg, the Lord of the Fangorn elves, and so also an elven prince of a long heritage of forest elves known to many. He has always wished to be a normal elf instead of one that everyone bows to. Naurhîr has always disliked people bowing to him and so often is found wandering in Gondor or Rohan with his trusty white steed, Taursûl, who is one of the last horses with it's early bloodline from Valinor instead of Middle-Earth. The elf took this mission to travel to the halls of Elrond to himself, even if his father ordered Aphadaon to travel with him and keep the prince safe. Naurhîr can be trusted with anything that needs to be kept hidden after you befriend him and he is strong in his mind and especially when he is fighting for a cause he believes in. He would never fight for a cause that has a dark, betraying mind behind it


Other: N/A

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((OK, Tepe, I joined... happy now :p And why did it astonish you so much that I didn't join this right away? I didn't join 'The Second Age of Adventures' until almost the end of the first page! :D ))


Name: Arra

Age: 2113

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Appearance: Her dark brown hair is curly, a rarity among Elves and hangs halfway down her back. Straightened, it reaches her waist, but it is naturally curly and she does nothing to straighten it. Her eyes are just as brown. She stands at 5' 9" tall and is of a slender build like most Elves.

Powers/Talents: Though it seems she has the power to disappear, Arra has no powers. Her disappearing skills are purely physical, having nothing magical about them.

Weapons: Twin Elvish knives and a bow and arrows

Occupation: Wanderer/healer/warrior

Bio: Arra grew up in a forest. She had two brothers, both of which loved to hunt. Arra wanted to go with them. They taught her what they could and she soon surpassed them in ability to hunt. In everything the three siblings did, Arra was determined to come out ahead of her brothers. She succeeded.


Then, she developed a desire to see the known world. Now known among the Elves of the forest for her stubbornness, Arra would not back down. Her parents granted her permission to leave the forest. She hasn't been back since. She's wandered for nearly a thousand years.


Other: Arra is very in touch with nature and living things. With words, she can encourage a plant to grow. She can communicate with animals. If she decides to sleep outside, animals lay down with her to keep her warm. Occasionally, a creature will follow her, even into a crowded city.

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((Bah! That was different... >.>))


Two riders stood on a hill near the entrance to Imladris, that would later be called Rivendell, and held the leashes of their horses tightly. The taller elf with golden and green clothing and a grey cloak covering his body looked at the shorter and much less formally dressed elf with also a gray cloak covering his body.


"You don't have to come further. You can turn back to Fangorn, Aphadaon" the tall elf said and then turned back to see the entrance.

"Milord, your father ordered me to take care of you, and that I shall do. I will go with you all the way and act as your bodyguard until we get back to Fangorn" the other elf said and mounted his brown horse. the tall elf shook his head and mounted his white horse and sighed. The two continued their way towards the house of Elrond

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"Arra! Arra, the squirrels keep following you!"


"They always do," Arra said with a quiet smile. "You of all people should know that."


The other Elf smiled and nodded. "Yes, yes, I know, but you should really tell them to wait outside. This is not the place for them."


Arra nodded and shooed the three little squirrels that followed her away.


"Happy now, Ilanis?" she asked. Ilanis laughed and led Arra further into the house.


"I admit I was a little surprised to see you here," she said. "You have not visited Imladris in at least five years and before that, it had been ten."


"The world grows increasingly dangerous for a lone wanderer," Arra said quietly. "The darkness grows and I feel a need for a place where it has not yet reached."


"Then you feel it will come?" Ilanis asked, startled.


"It is only a matter of time," Arra said sadly. "The Elves will flee this place and darkness will consume all of Middle Earth."


"You speak of dark things, Arra," Ilanis said quietly. "Please speak no more."


Arra nodded wordlessly and Ilanis left her.

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The two travellers got their share of looks as they rode throught the town of Imladris, heads high. You could see them as forest elves as their brown hair and green eyes showed brightly in the afternoon sun. The beautifully made bows on their backs also gave away where they were from. Naurhîr saw a familiar face nearby after three squirrels scurried by and into the woods on the borders of the valley.


"Ilanis, have you seen Miriel? I need to have a word with her before I meet Elrond" he called out and stopped next to Ilanis. His elven friend stopped next to the prince and waited silently in his leather armor

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((Tepe, just so you know, Ilanis is an NPC... if you want, you can control her.))



"No," Ilanis answered. "I have not. I've been following Arra around all morning... she just returned, which is unusual for her and she is speaking of dark times to come... it is why I left her."

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"Oh well... Miriel must wait then..." he mumbled and looked at Ilanis, shaking his head.

"Dark things are to come, for the power of the witch-king is rising up North and East does not look any better, either" he noted and nodded. "That is why my father sent me here to seek council" the elven prince said and so ended his sentence, only to get a cought from his 'bodyguard'.


"Sire, you speak of the troubles of Fangorn too freely. Yoy never know what animal that has slipped throught Elrond's barrier might be a spy" the elf said in Nandorin and shook his head at him. The prince looked at Aphadaon and narrowed his eyes at him.

"Silence. I shall speak to whom I wish about the troubles of Fangorn" Naurhîr responded in the same tongue of the green-elves and unmounted his horse.


"Go find Miriel and tell her to meet me in Elrond's garden. Then go tell Elrond that I have arrived and will speak to him tomorrow morning" the prince continued in green-elven and looked at Taursûl. He whispered something in it's ear and the horse left towards the stables.

"I'll go and see Arra" he informed before walking into the building Ilanis had left a moment before they met.


The prince's steps made no sound as he walked down the hall and finally saw a familiar elven lady standing in the middle of one of the rooms. "Lady Arra" he called out and entered the room, bowing deep

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((always elves...nothing ever different eh?))


Name: Kane Talori

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: (http://www.hellgatelondon.com/images/wallpaper/TM_Matte_1280x800.jpg) Minus the fact that he's in a futuristic world :p)

Powers/Talents: Despite his heavy armour and huge sword, he is very fast, Without his armour he can run as fast as a horse (your an elf, their godmoded enough, so this should be fine :p)

Weapons: Broadsword(the one in the picture), and a bow and arrows

Occupation: Good(alignment) Mercenary/Warrior

Bio: Was born in Rohan, where he was trained by the high guard in the art of the sword. His family moved to Gondor when he was 8, there he leanred the art of the bow, further training in the sword and war strategies. By the time he was 17 he was very proficient in both skills, a year later his parents had become hateful towards oen another and fight all the time. Kane could not take it, he took what weapons and supplies he had and left. He left Gondor and stumbled apon a small town. In this town was a blacksmith, his skill rivaled those of the dwarves and elves. He took a liking to Kane, and smithed him a great sword and armour, in return Kane offered his service as a protector to the town. One day he fully repaid his debt by single handedly defending off 15 raider/knights until reinforcements from other towns arrived and chased/killed off the raiders. A year or so after that event Kane left and wandered around do jobs for people, unless it conflicted with his morals. He once did a job for/with Elrond, that is how ne knows him.

Other: None.


A heavily armour war horse with a Rider to match rode up the the hall sof Elrond. Kane dismounted and took off his heltmet and walked up to the hall, and entered.

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The elven prince nodded and stepped forwards, looking at the historical paintings on the walls. "My father no longer trusts the humans of Rohan in keeping evil in the east, for Fangorn has been seized too many times in the last year. The trolls have also been traveling too near to Fangorn on their way. It seems that they are being gathered to Angmar" he said and looked at her.

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"The ents have no hurry and we consult them if Fangorn is concerned" he said and nodded. "Say nothing that isn't worth saying, as they like to say" he added before walking to her and standing next to her.


"I have been concerned of you. You shouldn't walk in the wild in a dark age like this without being well armed. The animals cannot protect you and some of them might even be spies of the Enemy" he warned and shook his head, looking outside and then back at Arra

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Arra merely smiled.


"The animals know who they are," she said. "If one identifies another as an enemy, they fight. And as for being protected, you know my fighting skills and the animals help where they can." She shook her head, seeming slightly distressed. "It's almost as if they don't know when to stop helping... when they'll be hurt in trying to help..." She looked at him in alarm. "Or do they simply not care?"

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"They do not care of their own safety when someone they love is in danger" he said and smiled kindly, looking at her.

"You could speak to Radagast of your problem. Last I heard of his whereabouts was when a messenger from Mirkwood announced a council of woodland elves a few years ago and told me that Radagast has been seen often near Gladden fields" Naurhîr said and placed his onto her shoulder.


"Do not worry if you do not want to travel all the way there. Elrond is a friend of animals also" the elf said and tapped her shoulder a couple of times. He turned to see the forest that showed from the window

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For the first time since she arrived in Imladris, Arra seemed amused.


"Travel does not bother me," she said, "but you make a good point." She looked out into the forest. "I had squirrels and birds following me in here until I told them to go back to their homes."

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"Indeed. I saw a family of squirrels scurry off towards the woods when I arrived" he said and smiled.


"Why have you not visited Fangorn in your travels? I have missed your presence there and my brother is still hopelessly in love with you" he said and chcukled, removing his hand from her shoulder and turning towards her

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Darn My Lateness


Name: Marn Hass

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Race: 2/3 Human, 1/3 Elf (It is possible right)

Appearance: Brown hair, blue Eyes, about 6' 1", 250 lbs, Black gloves, black cloak(usually while traveling), blond Facial Hair(Mustache{Only other connection other then abilities to elves}), usually black pants, Golden Plate Armour + Leggings(Battle Only), Silver Gauntlets(Battle Only), Most of the Time is seen carrying a backpack full of armour and other nessesities, leather shoes, Human Skin Color.

Powers/Talents: Swift Movement(Battle Only), Night Vision Spell(non-wizard, of elven trickery), Hide(basically nearly impossible to see if finds a way{Partially a Ranger Talent}, Elven Swordsmanship, A small bit of Elven Smithery.

Weapons: One-Handed Sword "Canis Rex" (This sword has an ability due to elven smithery, which is that it is almost impervious to fire, freezing and rust.)

Occupation: Mercenary Group/FreeLance Leader

Bio: Born from a Rohanian & a forest elf. He attended training from his elven father within the forests. This Rohanian became a leader of a mercenary group called the Thians(Sorry if this is not any where near politically correct for the time, I am not sure whether there were Mercenaries around that time).

Other: Has a Normal Bread Horse name Skinthra.

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Arra smiled. "I travel where my feet and my creature friends take me," she answered. "I do not often have a choice as to where I go. Traveling is so much easier that way."


She frowned thoughtfully. "But I feel I have been kept from Fangorn because of the evil passing by there. My animal friends quite literally herded me away, though I tried to come."

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"There has been much evil around Fangorn, but we keep always three routes clear. The ents are also very furious when the orcs and trolls come and try to chop down some of our trees" Naurhîr said and smiled.


He started to sing softly a short clips from a long song of ancient origin, the language was odd but had familiarities with Sindarin were obvious. It was Nandorin, the language of the green-elves and told of the beauty of Fangorn and the whispering trees that shadowed the elven pavilions

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