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How long have you waited?


How long have you waited for Empire at War?  

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  1. 1. How long have you waited for Empire at War?

    • For over a year!
    • Around a year
    • 6-11 months
    • 4-5 months
    • 2-3 months
    • 1 month
    • Just found out a few days ago!

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With the much anticipated release of Empire at War arriving faster than a speeding swoop race, many of us here on Lucas forums have been waiting for over a year now for Empire at War.


I actually heard about Empire at War in June of last year, and then found my way to these forums in Augest and have seen the growth of EaW and the community. I have to say, it was quite fun to be so involved in the forums and to be able to see Empire at War grow from just an idea to a few screen shots, then to a demo, and now the actual release!


So, how long have you been waiting?

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Guest DarthMaulUK

There wasnt an option for two years!(late 2003) lol I knew of this RTS about then and was so excited. But back then I didnt have a clue who or what it was going to be like, just that it was coming...and its finally over.



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I only heard about it from the new C&C site advertising the 10 year collectors edition, that was at the end of Dec a little over a month ago. It was mentioned in a forum at some point, I went to find out about it and here I am. Great game, so glad I found out about it :) Can't wait for the 17th...

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I would have to say the early summer/ late spring when I saw the E3 video. Got really excited as soon as I found out the out westwood guys were working on it.



For a thousand generations Westwood was the creator of great RTS games, but that was before the dark times before EA. heehee.

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11/10/04 i read a gamespy press release 12 times that day and read every preview and such that came out after that 5 times and i even got cable internet (had dial up) so i could play multiplayer and download the demo :) i even got a brand new comp on halloween of 2005 so it would run perfect;) and now i wait for 5 almost 4 days (11:28pm) until it arrives!!!

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