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Swimming Animations?

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Okay, this has bugged me for a LOOONG time.


Ever play Jedi Knight or Mysteries of the Sith? Awesome swimming ability and animations!


But you get to Jedi Outcast and Academy and it SUCKS!


Not only does your saber go out (which is complete nonesense, that scene in Episode I was NEVER FILMED, so it's not really canon *:D), but you just unrealistically stread water a little bit.


Check out the earlier games and it's just SO COOL to see your character swimming through a long dark tunnel full of water with only the glow of his saber illuminating the water and the sides of the tunnel. That they didn't take advantage of this in the new engine is beyond me. Or that mission where you had to navigate the water maze before you ran out of air. I really miss that feeling...


CTF maps with water were cool too with secret passageways and shortcuts (that could turn out to be traps!) through water.


The JK2/JA system of just "treading water" and slowing running on the bottom as if you were on land is just dumb and boring. I don't care that JK1/MotS limited you to one saber swing while in water. Hey, it's not like you'd have no disadvantages, right? But as is, water in JK2/JA is just like a cop-out. It might as well be a damage sector, since it's put there to annoy you rather than add a new dimension to gameplay.


I never did try the mod "Hydroball" did that have any new swimming animations?


If so, I think perhaps those animations should be done as a stand alone thing so it can be used anytime, anywhere. In fact, RazorAce should put this into OJP, but my thinking is it'll only go into Enhanced.. :(


If anyone does this, I'm sure it will be well recieved, and I personally will be eternally grateful!

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i will just say this:

the animations in the JKJO and JKJA do suck wampa horns


if you are annoyed by the sabers shutting down in water you can modify them by adding a line "oninwater 1" or something to the .sab file in the /ext_data/ directory.

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I've been wanting to work on those actually, have a freestyle animation while skimming along the surface and a more scuba style anims while really under water while greatly increasing the swim speed. But we'll see.

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