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Ideas for another Expansion

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If there was another BFII expansion released via Xbox Live, what would you like. (Let's keep it simple by making it generally the same as the current expansion)




4 New Maps

2 New Heroes (One Hero; One Villian)

Hero Assault Added to 3 New Maps

Existing Gamemode added to a map (Rhen Var Hunt)


Mine are as followed



Naboo Plains

Bespin Platforms

Geonosis Spire

Tatooine Dune Sea



Qui-Gon Jinn or Lando Calrissian

Zam Weasel


Hero Assault On:


Death Star



And Hunt added to Coruscant (Jedi Vs. 501st)

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I agree, Zam could be the first sniper hero, although I think Durge would be cool, also maybe Quinlan Vos for another Jedi hero.

I think that Bespin: Platforms and Naboo: Plains should be altered, make the Plains actual Plains, and the Platforms separated with Tibanna gas platforms dotted around, and also maybe have it in the daytime, with normal coloured clouds.


Oh and who would be fighting on Rhen Var hunt?

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