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Join the Red Squadron Alliance!


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Greetings! :)


Let me start by letting you know a little more about our clan:


The Red Squadron Alliance (R.S.A) was started over 8 years ago on the MSN Gaming

Zone. Since that time we have expanded into a number of different games, including Jedi

Academy, Galactic Battlegrounds and Ultima Online.


We believe that our greatest asset is our members. Many of us have known and respected each other since our earliest days, and in the great tradition of our clan, we feel the time is right to return to our 'roots' in a game like Empire At War. We are therefore taking this opportunity to open our doors to those who wish to join us in this new chapter of RSA.


The Red Squadron Alliance customs for all different types of gamers. Be it casual or full time experienced gamer we want you in our clan. All we ask is that you are a level headed individual who is looking to meet some new online friends and have some fun playing EAW.


We will have a ladder based system set up for players to enjoy and will be open for all members when the game is released. As we recruit more EAW players we intend to have an elite squadron of players, to reward gamers with exceptional talent.


On the other hand for our more casual gamers our forums and website offer hours of fun as well as a hub for any player interested in EAW to discuss games and arrange friendly match ups.



While our new Empire at War website is under construction, feel free to stop by our forums and consider taking the time to complete our recruitment application... Our address is:




If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask! ;)


We look forward to hearing from you!



(Founder & Fleet Admiral R.S.A)

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