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Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan (Episode I)


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Ah I see your a teacher or something involved with a school system. I reconize the format of the email. I have sent you all pics that I have posted so far of the skins and icons I have done. Hope you like them. Also I zipped them up, im sure you will be able to open them to see them.

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where'd you get the icon backgrounds from? I know Raven released them sometime but I swear I can't find them.


Both skins look really good now. Obi Wan seems to look a little older though, maybe just because I'm tired. :D



No, you're right. He still needs a lot of work. I'm not really happy with the skin to be honest. I've spent about 2 days working on him and I can't seem to get it right. It's a good model but the proportions for the face/head are a bit off, particularly the nose. I was thinking of maybe skinning KC's anakin to look like Obi-Wan, especially since the hair uses alpha blending.


And Zappa...Good guess, I do work for the system ;)

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The only thing I really want to work on is the nose...


I can't seem to get it right...don't know if it's the way the model is set up or just me...


*edit* Some photo references would help a lot. Some close ups particularly. (especially of his nose from dead on.)

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here is some more Obiwan Ep1's pics ...

I like your skin's face more then real one ...


this 2 Obi is my Favorites !



maybe he's Nose little more wide then looks more like in movie's Obi

but but it not handsome any more .... :(

it hard to choose .. real looks or nice looks ...

oh .. Im too picky Girl ..:laughing:

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ive been around longer than u think. i havent been on these forums long, its true, but ive been playing for AGES, ive seen loads of buffy's screenshots. Im quite a good screenshot taker myself. I put all of mine in a powerpoint collection, its now nearing 30Mb in size.


What's more is ive been playing on the *VaS* server for ages now, which is buffy's clan!


So I'm afraid you're wrong, I have been here quite a while.


Quite a lot of buffy's screenshots are excellent, I agree. Some of them aren't as good as the others.


And, btw, I actually said her screenshots are good.

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