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The game is not starting

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When I start the game I can see the credits with Lucas Arts,Nvidia and all others...then the game crashes.Why?I have the requirements for Battlefronts I.My specs:


-2.4 ghz CPU Amd Athlon

-Nvidia geForce 2 Pro

-256mb Ram

-Windows XP professional


Please help me. :hor:


EDIT:Strange...what does this doing here?Move it To BF I please.

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No, not really ;). I've been busy, and still am. I also haven't done much troubleshooting with SWBF, only SWBF2.


Has the game ever worked? Make sure all other programs are closed when you start the game, that includes special mouse and joystick driver programs. What version (patch) are you using: v1, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 beta?


( If I'm gone for a while, you can just throw me an email )

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