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WIP: Chocobo


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a kinda swoop chocobo could be made, also it only would be in a static position, it wouldnt look too realistic, flying vehicles can't have a walk/run anim, its just an static animation, for example, you can make a plane vehicle, but you can't make the helix of the rotor move all the time when you are flying, thats the bad thing about JA, is not much mod-able.

Superb job Cuillere ^^


the plasma vid is how they run in all ff games :D and it shows them sprinting too, which is good :D


and...you know how the x-wings s-foils open when it takes off? Could you have something like that, say a flap or a few of the wings instead, and then have it kinda soar like an eagle? that'd be well cool.

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Cuillere, i dont see you by msn so if you read this send me by mail the textures of the belts and the seat, it seems you forgot to put them in the .rar you send me ;)

Oh and do a 'Reset XForm' to all the meshes before you export it to .3ds (yep, send again the model). If you dont know where is it is here:


Once you have reseted the xform of a mesh turn it into 'Editable mesh', dont worry if the faces are fliped, you just reset the xform in all the meshes and export it, dont touch anything more :)

And if you dont find it press where the green circle is.

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