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Kotor Tool Trouble


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I'm attempting to modify my appearance.2da to install Revan's Redemptions Robes.


I go to copy row 22




I then go to make a new row




I rename it 509 and got to insert the copied row




And I get this error message:




Can anyone help me out? This is a real pain in the ass.

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After you copy row 22, try this..


Go to the very bottom of the .2da table, and click the empty white space next to the asterick (*)... "Row Label"


Type any number (doesn't matter cause it will get overwritten)...


Click on a different row so that you now have a new empty row at the bottom...


Now, right-click on your newly created row then choose the "paste" function...


Remember to re-name the row number to 509, then click on a different row so that the changes take affect...


Save out (after making the changes that the mod requires)..


Let us know if that works.. :)

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