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Useless Frigates


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i think escape pods might be able to fit in

even cooler idea tho

explodable ships on a ground/ space map

like imagine having your ship be falling apart in mid air and pieces would fall down crushing stuff

and you pod would land

im thinking of like the pods from halo 1 that mc lands on

like that you can drive and stuff

but wouldnt it be cool to have it land behind enemy lines

then have a brutal fight back to safty

even tho you would just respawn if you died, it would be a great tale to tell at the catina

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Obi-wan, you read me mind! Damn, I'm becoming predictable. *Wah*


I dunno about escape pods. I'd rather take a LAAT down to the surface, how cool would that be? But then again, using escape pods as drop pods Halo-style would be very interesting if there are no spacecraft available.


Y'know, this would work if you had no CPs on a ground/space level besides any command workers and capital ships. That way you would be forced to be tactical besides nabbing a post, you could make a huge emphaphisis on team-work on many areas.


Yep, and fighting behind the front lines would be so cool. I can see someone calling for air-support from a hill or getting an AT-TE dropped at their location.


Jawathehut, thinking about it...that is cool!

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I'm not to sure about escape pods. After all, if I was about to evacuate a doomed ship, I'd take a starfighter, chances are I was planning to take one anyway. Also it seems kind of pointless, I think I'd rather just take the death and respawn later.


Now if space land battles were combined it could be a neat addition, but aside from that I don't really think it would fit with the way the game is played.

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