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The Heretic


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Title: The Heretic

Author: CloneCommanderC

Timeframe: Nine years Post-AOTC or One Year Pre-ROTS

Genre: Action/Partially Angst

Characters: Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Oppa,Yoda, Count Dooku, General Grievous, Palpatine(Emperor), amongst several others (Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayla Secura, all those people)

Summary: When one of the Jedi betrays the Jedi and the Republic itself, true herecy breaks loose from all of the destruction caused by the traitorous Jedi-Sith. (Jedi-Sith refers former Jedi and now Sith.)

Keywords: Heretic, Herecy, Legacy, Flood, Jedi, Sith, Master

Rating: PG-10



The Jedi Temple


"Anakin!" Obi-Wan exclaimed. "Great job! You're becoming better and better. "Thank you my Master," Anakin replied softly. "With a Jedi like you, the Republic will maintain control of the galaxy," stated Obi-Wan. "Thanks. Well I have to go now Master," said Anakin. "Ok. I'll speak to you later," Obi-Wan said. "Ok. Bye!" Anakin left the training room and went towards the Jedi Council Chambers. "Always on the move," Obi-Wan said to himself. Anakin entered the Chambers and asked for Yoda's presence. "Hello there young Skywalker," said the Council guard. "What may I do for you?" she asked politely. "May you summon Yoda for me?" he asked. "Why yes. Wait one moment," said the guard. Anakin took a look around as he waited for Yoda. The Council Chamber guard entered the room.


"Master Yoda," she said. "Yes Padawan," Yoda replied. "Anakin Skywalker wishes to summon you." Yoda got up from his seat. "I will be with him shortly," he said. Yoda exited the Chambers and approached Anakin. "You wished my presence Skywalker," Yoda said. "Yes. I want to know something. When are we going to continue the search on Dooku and Grievous?" Anakin asked kindly. "Soon enough. We're going to begin the search later today," Yoda stated. "Ok. Thank for your time Master." Yoda looked at Anakin. "No. Thank you Anakin," Yoda said. Yoda entered the Chambers once again and Anakin left the entrance to the Chambers.


Anakin was then going to Jedi Temple's library to see if there was anything new going on. Anakin arrived and saw Obi-Wan and Commander Cody inside. He walked towards the both of them. "Master, Cody! Nice to see both of you!" Anakin exclaimed. "What are you doing here my padawan?" Obi-Wan asked. "No reason," he replied. "Well I gotta go now. See both of ya guys later," Cody said. "So. How have been since I last saw you Master?" Anakin asked. "Splendid!" Obi-Wan exclaimed. "Do you know where Jedi Knight Oppa is Master?" he asked. "Yes. He is right there," Obi-Wan said. Obi-Wan pointed out where Oppa was. He was arranging all of the books on the bookcases. "Ok. Thank you Master. I'll see you later!" Anakin exclaimed.


Anakin approached Oppa. "Hey Oppa. You missed a book," said Anakin in a friendly voice. "Back off. You know I don't like you," Oppa said angrily. "I'm just helping out." Oppa looked at Anakin in the eyes. "Just be quiet. I don't get treated like the other Jedi here. It's not fair. Just watch! Someday my name is going to be bigger than Yoda's," he yelled. Obi-Wan overheard the conversation and walked towards Oppa. "That's the reason you don't get treated like you want to," Anakin said. "He has a point," Obi-Wan said from behind. "Back off ya old fool," he said angrily. "Anakin. Let's go. I don't want to be seen with this "Herecy." Anakin and Obi-Wan left the library with a flaming glaze from Oppa looking at them.


"All Jedi. We are departing now. The search for Dooku and Grievous will begin in five minutes," said the Temple Announcer. "Finally," Anakin said joyfully. All of the Jedi and Clone Troopers went to their ships and took off for all the planets. "This is where the fun begins," Anakin said. "Well. Until I see you then...May the Force be with you," Obi-Wan said. "May the Force be with you too MAster," Anakin replied. "Anakin," MAce Windu yelled. "Yes Master Windu," he replied. "Take your Lightsaber," he said giving it to him. Anakin reached out for it and he then replied. "Thank you Master Windu," he said. Soon all you could hear were ships taking off. Only one person was left behind and that person was Oppa. "It's not fair, he yelled hearing the echo inside of the Temple. Then the fighting in space began to spread loose between the Seperatists and the Republic.


Space Coruscant


Now the Republic forces find themselves fighting above Coruscant's orbit.


Anakin, Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, and others find themselves in the Republic Command Cruiser. Anakin and Obi-Wan are the only two Jedi to board starfighters in the orbit, bu they were assisted by the Clone Troops. "Anakin! Focus on getting the shields down on the Seperatist Cruiser," Obi-Wan said over the com-communicator. "Ok Master," Anakin replied. "What is Master Windu doing Master?" he asked. "He's watching the ship inside for us," Obi-Wan replied. At that moment, the two Jedi assisted by the Clones take down the shields on the enemy Cruiser. "Ok. Anakin. Land in the hangar," Obi-Wan ordered. "Ok Master," he replied.


The two Jedi landed in the ship without any trouble and they soon jumped out of the cockpits. "Let the fun begin," Anakin whispered. Anakin was the first to jump out. "Master, there are droids!" "Well then focus on destroying the droids," Obi-Wan said. Anakin sped towards a group of Battle Droids deflecting all of their fire and destroying them in result. "Nice job Anakin," Obi-Wan said. "Thank you," he replied. Obi-Wan then sped towards a larger group of droids deflecting all of the Super Battle Droids' fire and again destroying them. Anakin strafed towards his Master's direction and saw two Droideka's going his direction.


"Master!" Anakin yelled. Unfortunately, Kenobi didn't hear Anakin yell so he decided to take matters in to his own hands. Anakin leaped in mid-air coming down in the result of then destroying the Droidekas. "What the...?" Obi-Wan turned around and saw that Anakin had destroyed the Droidekas. "Spectacular!" he exclaimed. "Well let's go to the Spire at the top of this ship," Anakin said. "I agree. We can find some more of the Seperatists forces there. The heroes took the elevator to the top of the Spire. "Well we're almost there," Anakin said.


The elevator then stopped at the Spire. The two wise Jedi took a look around and saw nobody, but then Anakin heard a slight sound. "Master. I heard something," he said shocked. "I did too," Obi-Wan said shocked as well. The two of them looked around the Spire and saw nothing. "There's nothing here Master," said Anakin. They went back to the elevator and heard someone jump behind them. "General Kenobi. Nice to see you again," said Grievous in his usual voice. "General Grievous. You again," Anakin said frustrated.


"You won't get away this time Grievous," Obi-Wan said. "I wouldn't think like that," said the General. Grievous drew his four arms and his four lightsabers. "Attack," he said. Anakin and Obi-Wan draw their lightsabers. "You won't get away with our lightsabers again," said Anakin angrily. Grievous was the first to attack and the result was being blocked always by one of the two heroes. One of Grievous' lightsabers was cut in half allowing him to have one open hand. "Do you still think you can beat us?" said Kenobi as a tease.


"Hmmm." The General raised his hand and punched Anakin to the ground. "Ahhhh!" he yelled. "Anakin! No!" he yelled. Obi-Wan looked at Grievous and attacked him. "Hmmm. You are weak," said General Grievous. He raised his lightsaber and brought it down with the result of hitting Obi-Wan in the arm. "Ahhh!" he yelled. "Master," Anakin said. He looked at Grievous while he was chuckling. "Hahahaha!" he chuckled. "You!" he yelled. Anakin jumped up in the air and got his lightsaber. "You won't get away with this," he said angrier than usual.


Grievous saw him and punched him in the face again leaving him on the ground. "You're pathetic," he said as he spit on him. Anakin rised as if he wasn't injured. He got his saber out once more and cut Grievous in the neck.(That's why he coughs alot.) "Ahhhhh!" yelled the General. "He raised his foot and kicked Anakin making him land on Obi-Wan. "I will see you two some other time," he said. The General coughing because of Anakin, he decided to flee before anything else happened to them. "Time to abandon ship," he said to himself. He escaped in a CIS Strike Bomber. With the two Jedi lay on the ground, the Republic's hand may be a fate.


Space Coruscant Sequel


With the heroes lay on the ground unconcious, the Republic's fate may be at cost...


The two, Anakin and Obi-Wan find themselves still lay on the ground. With all of the fire from the ships outside, they woke up from their long sleep. "Anakin," Obi-Wan tiredly. "Master," Anakin replied. "Grievous got away. It's all my fault," he said further. "Don't worry Anakin," Obi-Wan said to cheer up Anakin.. "Well...We can still do the job if we find Count Dooku," Anakin stated. "Now then. Let's get on the move," said Obi-Wan. The two heroes got on the elevator and went to all of the internal systems abord the ship. "We should thrash their ship," said Anakin. "I agree," said Obi-Wan with a slight laugh. "First stop. Life Support Systems!" Anakin exclaimed.


He stopped the elevator on the floor with the Life Support Systems. The elevator door opened only for the Jedi to see droids waiting for them. "Master. Droids!" he yelled. The two of them rammed into the room destroying all of the droids in their path. "Great job Anakin," Obi-Wan said. "Now we should advance to the systems ourselves and thank you Master," Anakin said. The two advanced to the systems and began to slash at them with all of their might. (Explosion of Life Support Systems) "They're destroyed. Now let's go to the Control Room," Obi-Wan said. The two Jedi headed back to the elevator and boarded it. They arrived at the Control Room seeing Count Dooku accompanied by Bodyguards.


"Dooku!" Anakin stated. "Skywalker, Kenobi. Nice to see the both of you," Dooku said. "Master. You get the droids. I'll get Dooku," he whispered to Obi-Wan. "If you're up for the challenge," he replied whispering. "Here it goes," Anakin yelled. He jumped into the air and landed in front of the Count. "This is where you fall," he stated with a quick following attack. Dooku drew his lightsaber and blocked Anakin's attack. "You fool!" he exclaimed. "Master. The droids." Obi-Wan looked at Anakin. "You got it," he replied. Obi-Wan jumped in the air and landed in front of one his guards and cut off its head. "Hmm. Droids..." he said.


With the fight between Dooku and Anakin still raging and Obi-Wan destroying the droids, it seemed like sure victory. "Anakin Skywalker...You've grown since our last encounter," he said. Dooku pushed Anakin to the ground and he rose again quickly. Dooku swung his lightsaber while he was rising and cut him right under his right eye. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Anakin yelled. "Anakin!" Obi-Wan yelled. Obi-Wan took his focus off Anakin and attacked the droids again. "You should never have come here," Dooku stated. Dooku brought down his saber as if he was plunging it into Anakin. Anakin saw him doing so and swung his saber at Dooku's hand cutting it off and having him fall to the ground.


"Ahhhh!" Dooku yelled. "Anakin! Leave him there and assist me!" Obi-Wan commanded. Anakin assisted Obi-Wan destroying all of the droids. Droid after droid leaving scraps of metal behind, along with Dooku, the Jedi left the Control Room and headed towards the Hangar. "Let's go to the Hangar," Anakin suggested. "Ok. We shall," Obi-Wan replied. The two Jedi arrived at the hangar seeing a tremendous droid force. "What do we do now?" Obi-Wan asked. "Attack," Anakin said happily. Anakin ran towards the hangar attacking at all of the droids with Master Kenobi following. "We're almost there," Anakin said. He jumped into his open two-pilot starfighter along with Obi-Wan.


"Time to take off for Coruscant," Obi-Wan said. "Let me com the Republic Command Cruiser," Anakin said. "Master Windu," he said. "Head back for Coruscant." "Okay Skywalker. We are victorious thanks to you two. There are many battles to come ahead and we will be ready," Mace Windu said calmly. Overhearing the talk on the Cruiser Mace Windu's final words were: "We won here. Go back to..." (before the com finished)


Oppa's call to true "Herecy"


All of the Republic forces go back to the Jedi Temple and Mace Windu sees that Oppa was the only not to depart from the Temple. "Oppa. Why are you here?" Mace asked. "Because there weren't enough fighters," Oppa replied. Ki-Adi-Mundi, Anakin, and Obi-Wan saw Mace talking to Oppa and went to see what the problem was. "Well. Did you think of contacting one of us?" Mace asked. "No." The four Jedi arrived at the scene. "What is going on here?" Obi-Wan asked. "Nothing. Just back off old Jedi," Oppa said angrily. "You are disobeying Jedi Code 46," Anakin said. "Do I even care?" he replied. "Are you willing to be arrested?" Ki-Adi asked. "Shut up! Just leave me alone!" he demanded. " Oppa took a look at all of the Jedi and he then took off.


"What has gotten into him?" Obi-Wan said suprised. Anakin looked at Obi-Wan. "Noone may know Master," he said. "If he betrays the Jedi and joins the Sith, he may use all of anger on us," Ki-Adi said. "Thats a fact. Then again his walk towards Herecy would be complete," Mace Windu stated. He looked at Obi-Wan and Anakin. "What do you mean that his "Herecy" will be complete?" Anakin asked wondering. "He was once a Sith. We were able to turn him over and join us," Mace said. "So...He was the one," Obi-Wan said. "Yes. We'd suspected every Master in the council would be aware of the situation," Ki-Adi said. "We must find him. He was a good friend," Anakin said.


"Well. We shall begin our search at nightfall," Mace said. "Master Mace and I will see if any other MAsters would want to join our search," Ki-Adi said as if he didn't care. "Then it's settled," Obi-Wan said. "Can I help?" Anakin asked hoping to be able to. "Yes you may," Mace stated with a small grin. "Thank you. I won't fail you," he said meaning his statement. "May Anakin and I begin our search?" Obi-Wan asked. "Yes. Return by nightfall," Ki-Adi said. "Ok," Obi-Wan. Anakin and Obi-Wan then began to search for Oppa. First they looked around the Jedi Temple, but he was nowhere in sight of their own eyes.


They ran outside of the Jedi Temple and split up. "Master. I'm going to look over there," Anakin said exhausted. "I...I shall go over here," Obi-Wan said exhausted as well. So they did. The two of them split up. Looking around all of the cantinas surface, Anakin found nothing. He then looked up at Palpatine's office and saw Oppa was talking to the Chancellor. Anakin got his com-communicator and com'd Obi-Wan. "Master. He is in the Chancellor's office," Anakin said more exhausted than before. "I will be there as soon as I can Anakin," he said. Anakin then entered the building and began to ascent to Paplatine's office. (Now the scene will focus on Oppa and Palpatine.) "Oppa. I see you are being disrespected at the Temple," Palpatine said.


"Yes. I...I...I feel left out," Oppa replied. "Well then. I may help. Please don't tell anyone what I am about to tell you," the Chancellor said demanding. "I promise," Oppa said as he kneeled on the ground. "Good," Paplatine said as he rised from his seat. "I am a... I'm a..." the Chancellor said hesatating. "I am a Sith Lord. I'm the one the Jedi Councli has been searching for," he said. "So you're the one," Oppa said. "Yes," Palpatine replied. Oppa drew his lightsaber. "You're the one!" he said. Palpatine glanced at Oppa as he then drew his lightsaber. "You do not want to fight me in a duel," Palpatine said. "Why not?" Oppa said not caring about what he said.


Oppa attacked the Emperor first, but he then noticed he could not defeat him as Sidious pushed him to the wall injuring Oppa. "Ahhhh!" Oppa yelled. The Emperor approached Oppa. "Join me. Join me and I will make you more powerful than ever," said Palpatine in a promising voice. "Maybe. I will think, but know I have to go. I don't want the Jedi to spot me here with you or anywhere. They have betrayed me," Oppa said."I know. Make the smart choice," Palpatine said. "I will," Oppa said. Oppa jumped out of Palpatine's office window as he landed at the entrance of the building. (The scene now focuses on Anakin and Obi-Wan as Obi-Wan caught up with Anakin.)


Anakin and Obi-Wan arrived at his office and saw the Chancellor alone. "Where is he?" Anakin demanded as he slammed the Chancellor's desk. "Anakin! Can you not see he was never here?" Obi-Wan said angrily. "We are sorry for disturbing you Supreme Chancellor," Obi-Wan said calmly. Obi-Wan and Anakin then went back down to the entrance and headed back for the Jedi Temple and Obi-Wan went to Mace Windu as Anakin went to his apartment. "Master Windu. No sighting," Obi-Wan reported. "Ok. We will look for him at nightfall," Mace said patiently.


The Search At Nightfall


With the failure of Obi-Wan and Anakin not being able to find Oppa earlier, Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi begin their search along with Anakin and Obi-Wan helping too. Anakin on their way exiting the Jedi Temple with Obi-Wan along side of him, begins a small, brief discussion. "Master. What has gotten to him?" Anakin asked wondering. "We do not know Anakin. That is the reason why we are looking for him," Obi-Wan replied to Anakin's question. "I think we should look around the cantina," Ki-Adi said. "That would be a good place to look for the Jedi," Mace Windu said calmly. "Yes. I agree with the both of you," Obi-Wan said. "Same for me. That was where he usually hung around while he wasn't in the Temple.


"True. There are many reasons why he would go there. I'm afraid he might become a bandit. I've been getting that feeling ever since he's been going there. That cantina's for lowlives," Mace said calmly like he always does. Anakin looked at Ki-Adi-Mundi. "Master Ki-Adi-Mundi," Anakin stated. "Yes Jedi Knight Skywalker," he replied. "What are we going to do when we get him?" Anakin asked. "We are..." Mace Windu interrupted Ki-Adi before he finished. "We are going to arrest him," Mace replied. "Arrest? He is one of our kind though Master. We must find the problem causing this in him. We can't lose another Jedi to the Sith. They'll become more powerful than ever," Obi-Wan said talking common sense. Mace looked at Obi-Wan. "We know. We will try to turn him over, but if not we'll be forced to arrest," Mace Windu said.


"I wouldn't arrest him for any cause," Anakin said. "Why not," Mace said. "Well because he hasn't done anything wrong like breaking the laws. There are only so..." They arrived at the cantina. "Anakin! No more talking," Mace said. "Let's go. I can't wait any longer," Ki-Adi said. The four Jedi entered the cantina and were strafing around the area seeing if Oppa was in sight. "Let's split up," Mace said. "As you wish Master," Obi-Wan said as he took a bow. Anakin and Obi-Wan went to the bar as Mace and Ki-Adi looked around private rooms. "Noone. I guess I was wrong Master. I'm so sorry," Anakin said feeling like a complete failure. "I wouldn't push it that far," Obi-Wan said. "Look!"


Obi-Wan pointed at a person and that person was Oppa. "He's here!" Anakin said gracefully. Anakin and Obi-Wan walked towards Oppa, but hearing the patter of footsteps, Oppa turned around and saw the two there. "You two!" Oppa said angrily. "Yes. Us. Come with us," Anakin said kindly as he grabbed Oppa by the arm. Oppa drew his saber and pushed his hand off his arm. "Don't touch me again!" Oppa yelled. He walked towards Anakin with his lightsaber held up at his face. "Don't do it Oppa!" Obi-Wan yelled. "What're you going to do about it?" Oppa said. Mace and Ki-Adi heard the yelling and decided to see what it was and to their suprise...It was Oppa and Anakin and Obi-Wan.


Mace sneaked behind Oppa and drew his lightsaber right behind Oppa's head. "You have the right to remain in that position!" Mace ordered. "Kill me!" Oppa yelled. "Kill me!" Obi-Wan and Ki-Adi drew their lightsabers with Anakin just standing there. "We DO NOT want to arrest you," Obi-Wan said angrily. "The Jedi have had about enough with you Oppa," Anakin said. At that moment, the Jedi knew they were driving Oppa's patience. With Oppa breaking one sweat, he decided to engage at the Jedi. He raised his lightsaber and brought it down cutting one of the Jedi. "Arghhh!" Anakin yelled. Anakin touched the scar he recieved and he saw it was bleeding. "You..." Anakin said. Oppa pushed all of the Jedi around excluding Anakin to the wall.


Thump after thump with the Jedi hitting the wall, Oppa fled saying his last words to Anakin. "Sorry ol' buddy, but I've outgrown you," Oppa said. Anakin then looked at Oppa flee and wondered where he was going. He suddenly then fell to the ground leaving him and all of the Jedi unconscious. Now focusing on Oppa outside, he heard a sound like a growl. He then got frightened and approached the sound. He saw a red lightsaber being drew and the last thing he could remember was being hit also leaving him unconscious.

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