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HUGE! MR Force Fx Lightsaber Videos and gallery Update!!

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In our continued effort to show the world the beauty and coolness of MR Force Fx Lightsabers,we have done a massive update to our video page..

11 new Videos have been added to the Force Fx Lightsaber Video Clips. MR Force FX Product Demos section.. Some real nice duels too.



Also 4 (of 16 total) new Lightsaber Spin Tutorial Videos have been added to the Lightsaber Spin Tutorials page



These 4 new tutorials explore techniques of spinning 2 lightsabers 1 in each hand..



Also new super massive MR Force Fx Lightsaber Gallery Update

Me and my Jedi and Sith friends have done it again.

Between pics submitted to the Force Fx gallery and my own pics we have added about another

40 beautiful pictures showing Force Fx lightsabers in ALL THERE BEAUTIFUL GLORY..

We now have 2 full pages of Force Fx pictures.

The url to the gallery pages are





If you don`t own a Force Fx lightsaber but you love Star wars you will want one after seeing this,GUARANTEED!!

Here are a few teaser pictures from the gallery's..





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