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Send in your screens!


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Spaxspore, Since I can tell you have Fraps(The yellow number in the top left), how do you take videos with it?



Am runnig fraphs 2.6 PRO, i can take vids by pressing the F9 key, however it saves it as a UNCOMPRESSED avi, so you have to compress with either divx/xvid or what have you.

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God, I wish I had the graphics card to turn everything up all the way. Thankfully, things look pretty good (and run okay on my 4-year-old machine) with everything on low but texture detail on high. Here I go...



Strafing run on the Mon Calamari cruiser while the Imperial Fleet closes in.



Yeah, blasting pirate fighters with Star Destroyers is a little overkill...but I like the composition in this shot.



A very dramatic shot of an AT-ST, surveying the charred remains of a dissident city...



Best. Shot. Of. Lord. Vader. Ever.

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This is just a topic I am going to make where i will post my skirmish screenshots! Please let me know what you think! It can be about the angles lightning, graphics, etc. (Note: I reduced the sizes with imageshack) *Improved Hero picture poses are coming soon* Difference: Higher quality, better poses and shot angles.


Here is just a shot of 2-M Imperial tanks and the sunset.




Here is a shot of AT-ST's and a AT-AT




Here is a shot of Obi-Wan and Darth Vadar Fighting




Here is a shot of Vadar using his "Force Crush" ability!




Here is a shot on Ryloth of Emperor Palpatine unleashing his "Force Lightning"on some Twi'leks.



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DMUK i got better screenshots taken of my hero pics you used for the forum website. Can you replace them? THere the Imperial Heroes. I will load the Rebel ones later. (there JPEGS though so image quality isnt as high as PNG, but the should look better i set graphics all the way up. if the same or not i can re-take and save as GIF or PNG, and there in better positions/angles)











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The Imperial Corulag Sector fleet engages a Rebel heavy battle fleet in combat. TIEs streak in to pound on the deflector screens.




A Mon Cal cruiser suffers strafing runs.




3 squadrons of TIEs commence strafing runs.




X-wings pound a Star Destroyer with laser fire.




A raging battle, beneath the star's bright glare.




A Corellian Gunship flies in close, unloads a concussion missile barrage at point blank range, and pulls away.

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since screenshots are my long lost hobby with the Homeworld series... i figured i would post a few of mine too...


these were taken on my 2.5 year old system, graphics arent as high as i would like them to be but it still looks pretty and runs real smooth


classic pic of imps vs nebs



outpost getting slammed



snowspeeder stunt pilot



someone is going to die



hopeless fight



the walkers are coming the walkers are coming



crazy legs



nebs in formation



chaos in the asteroids



well i think thats enough bandwidth for now, i dont want to kill any potential 56k'ers... if you want more just ask, and ill put some more up (i also have a few outakes sort of pics with funny things but im not sure if i want to embed them cuase the huge bandwidth consumption already in this thread)


anyhoo, i need to get to bed now since i have to wake up for work in not as many hours as i would like


til next batch, peace easy mates

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C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Application Data\Petroglyph\Empire at War\ScreenShots


I put a shortcut in my EaW directory so I don't lose it. ;)


Really nice shots, FuzzySmurf, I like the compositions. That takes some lucky cinematic camera angles and a fast finger on F12!

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the secret is saving the engagement off the start so i can send my units around and blow stuff up and spend most of the time in the cinematic mode snapping screens like theres no tomorow and i can keep reloading any battle to take more pics from different angles...


fyi, i just did a search on my hd, ive taken nearly 900 screens to date... i have plenty of quality shots to pull from so ill post some more tomorow while im at school, gnight yall

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