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Send in your screens!


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some screens. Mostly SSD stuff.


2 Executor's and what the remains of 2 Home One's...



yeah...the rebels regret what they did to my beloved Star Destroyer...



Planet explosion under the Executor.



I was attacked by 14 Mon Cals, Home One, and several corvettes and frigates. The Exector was barely scratched...



I like how theres a Star Destroyer back there, and it looks so small. The SSD is scaled at 2.45 i think....8 times the SD. i love it.



One of my favorites. Showing the awesome power of the Galactic Empire. =)



Thank you LoW for the SSD Executor. i love it.


Wow, dident know that you could play EaW on gameboy advanced. So nice grafics.

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"Set Up Another Attack Run"-Last Transmission From Unknown Alliance Pilot


I plan to make a new signature from this screen since my old one was too big...

Its from a custom map I made. Its in a more true "3-d" setting. I got the idea after my friend asked why all of the units were on a plane in space.

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This is semi off-topic, but I have a problem. I keep trying to take screenshots during EAW, I don't know what directory the shots are sent to. I've searched the FoC folder on the C:\ Drive, but can't find them anywhere. Can anyone help find these bloody screenshots?

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I know this thread hasn't been used for 5 years, but if it's sticky, it can't exactly be necroposting (as it's already at the top of the forum).



I actually only started that battle with what you see there and a level 1 space station.



Mass Driver Turrets are epic.

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