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very important question about defense!!!


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i am a dark jedi and i use any techniques against

my opponents but there is a problem on duelling


for example i duel against a dark jedi master and for example i use makashi technique and i attack during attacking my opponent "saves" himself

and first question how does he do that?



and when he attacks i defend myself first time but after that my character

leaves second defense and my opponent cuts me and my vitality lows down


why does it become so during the second attack, in the second

why doesn't my character defend herself again

is this bug or where is the mistake?



please tell me(and my character has master duelling i remind that and level 22)


please tell me why don't i save my character or how do i perform this?

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Hey Kobem, welcome.


Well, without knowing *exactly* what your character's strengths and flaws are, it would be hard to tell you *exactly* what to do as you say you are already level 22.


Defense rating: constitution, dexterity, clothing, and lightsaber upgrades can all boost your defense. This increases damage resistance. This is very important, especially later in the game as you are.


Opponent jedi masters can heal themselves. Your healing depends on your force powers you've selected at level ups. Master Healing or Drain Life (if dark) are essential.


There are other ways to attack jedi besides lightsabers. Try some of your force powers along with saber attacks.

Use party members efficiently if possible also.


Master dueling feat is nice, but make sure you mix up your saber attack styles.

Grenades are your friends.

...and don't forget to force power and stim up before battles.

That's what the credits are for. :)


Good luck and may the force...

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Yes, well said Cygnus and I would like to add that having stims is good too. Besides items that can boost defense, I would also suggest achieving the master two hand weapon fighting. I found out that it helps quite a bit and if you have Force speed or Master Force Speed, that helps too. Also make sure you pause and see where your NPCs are at. Mix up their attacks and make sure that they are targeted on the guy You are trying to beat. You'll find that three on one are good odds, if it's you.

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Master dueling feat is nice

It's better than nothing but it's poorly balanced against Master two weapon fighting.


but make sure you mix up your saber attack styles.

Do you mean the actual lightsaber combat forms or Flurry/Critical/Power? I've read the second a couple of times now and don't get the point. AFAIK the opponents don't remember how you attacked before and therefore i.e. master flurry doesn't get weaker if used 5 times in a row.

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