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Omeewan's Clones


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Buffy wanted me to start a thread for the clones I will be making. She will be posting some in-game screens here soon. Here are some modelview screens of the first wave of clones.


Here's my attempt at an episode 3 arc. Both clean, battle worn, and unmasked. There is also a version I'm working on that is in between the clean and battleworn, sort of a battleworn version as well but not as extreme.





















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I'm off so I'll be home all day today Zappa. I should be able to get a lot done!


I sent Buffy the arc pack of all these models with shaders and the gear. The shaders look sweet! I sent it to you too but I made a typo on your e-mail. I'll send it again right now.

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LOL, thats very flattering. I suppose I don't mind you calling him that, heheh.


But now you got me thinking on making a custom Commander Omee skin hmmmmm lol.


Do you need me to reskin the visor? I can make it white so it matches the outfit. If not it looks fine like that too.

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This is one of the few models out there that actually look better in game as opposed to modelview.


Buffy, did you get the ones I sent with the shaders? Your screenshots will look even more incredible with the shaders on. If not tell me and I will send it again. I already have a pk3 made with shaders, sounds and temporary icons.

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Here are some more in game screens of the spec shader I used. I also made some updates to all the skins. Especially the shoulderpad for the damaged arc. I added some cracks and damage to it. I also got the alpha working for the slit in the kilt. More to come soon!














Check your mail Zappa and Buffy, I'll be sending this tonight.


P.S. Where can I upload some files for others to download?

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impressive ... I might have something to go with that one. :D


And thats a nice idea with the visor. Instead of adding any gradient stuff to the texture itself you just added the detail to the specmap, right ?


Thanks Pahr. :)


You are quite correct. I added some detail to the specmap itself, and tweaked the textures on all the other parts until it looked just right.

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