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Make Up Your Own Planet

Diego Varen

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Just a bit of fun. To do this take the first three letters of your favourite Planet and then add the last three letters of your second favourite Planet. For example:


Favourite Planet: Korriban

Second Favourite Planet: Rhen Var

Name: Korvar




This chilly Korriban is one of the lost Planets in the Galaxy. Long forgotten after the Jedi Civil War, this Planet has been abandoned and hasn't been walked on for four thousand years.


Four thousand years before the Battle Of Yavin, the Planet used to be a hidden refuge for the Jedi. Many Jedi came here including Revan and the Jedi Historian, Atris. There were many Ice Caves in which the Jedi used to meditate inside. The Force was strong on Korrvar and was soon attacked by the Sith.


A War between the Sith and the Jedi occured. It lasted for ten years. Finally all the Jedi and Sith who fought in the War died.


Now the Planet is known as a graveyard for the ancient Jedi and the Sith.


PS. There might be no point of this Thread.

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it could be intersting, if you would emobyd the title of the thread :)


Maybe making up original planets?


I'll try and start:


-Name: Beronduis:

-Located: in the Unknown Regions

-About: A planet where life died out several millenia ago, because lack of water. The air is breatable, but poisanous on certain places, because of vulcanic eruptions.

The planet consist of only rocks and red-coloured deserts, with deep canyons and high mountains. The only settlement is a highly protected base on the southern continent.

-Population: Settlers

-Main export: Because of the highy volcanic ecosystem, many unique cirstals are formed on this rocky planet. Many are used for industrial purposes.

-Strange: The 'rock'storms. Because the planet is dying, the ground had eroded faster then nature kan keep up to. Because of this, whole rocks are twirled up into the air, by the raging storms.





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I'll probably do what both of you did, use the letter thing then make up my own planet. BTW, Ztalker, where are those pics from?


Fav: Yavin IV

Fav 2: Korriban


New Planet: Yavban - A lush green Korriban! :xp:


Bio: Filled with forests and lakes, Yavban is similar to the trademark Sith planet it its many large Sith tombs, all over the different continents. Many powerful Sith have lived there, and have built elaborate tombs that are filled with the power of the dark side, dangerous to all that come there.


Right. :xp: I'll *maybe* post a new planet later.

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Maybe you're just a hopeless case but it is funny :lol:

I wouldn't use this method but I did create an entire planetary system that is described in my fan fic Heart of the Guardian and that its extistence is to basically ensure the survival of the Force. I know it sounds corny but I have a whole detail thingy on all the planets and it would take up more space than I care to take up. So check out my fan fic for some detail.

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Kashyyk & Yavin = Kasvin


The planet Kasvin is home to a race of spiritual force adepts who's command of the force has no equal. Some historians believe this planet to be the origin of the Medi-Chlorians.


With the true nature of the force embedded in their DNA, the Kasvin-ites have no conflict with alignment. There are no extreme factions at war with one another. That's not to say they don't have any problems, but that's for another time (and thread).


These secretive, spiritual people incorporate all aspects of the force and are more powerful at commanding the force than any humanoid jedi master. Crime and misconduct are almost unheard of as everyone can read minds. Most Kasvin-ites use the force to fly and transport themselves throughout the planet.


They shun the distructive state other force users have left the galaxy in and choose to remain hidden and untainted by the apparent lack of discipline and respect for the force that the jedi and sith alike hold.


The planet itself is a wonder of existence. From the grassy plains, home to a plethora of fauna and flora to the cauldron of boiling oceans...


...from the Great Hovering Mountains to the temples of the ancient ones, Kasvin hides well beyond the outer rim, out of the reach of the meddling jedi and the ambitious sith.

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Sneak peek from my upcoming fanfic/comic

Planet 1 ???

Planet 2 ???



Seen from a distance it seems a small gas planet but Devoron is actually a volcanic planet whose upper atmosphere is composed of a toxic storm that blocks out the sky but provides sickly orange light constantly. The chemical soup that makes up its atmosphere roils in constant storms driven by chemicals spewed forth from the many volcanoes that dot the planets surface. Where lava doesn’t flow or collect into large pools the land not settled is divided between large spans of desolate planes and the silica forest. The plains are haunted by huge reptilian predators renown for their speed and stamina and patience. The silica forests though beautiful from afar are death traps as all the trees are covered or composed partially of silica needles and most form shard like structure on their bark and leaves, a man running blindly though the forest would be ripped to shreds in less than twenty feet. There is no food for the non-native and little water to speak of though it is rumored that most silica forest center on a hot spring that feeds the trees. In addition to the forest itself are the beast of the forest. Pack of Terrek appear as if from nowhere to run the plains in search of a new forest where they promptly disappear and strange humanoids sometimes wander from the forest or plains to observer the settlements. Though they’ve never come closer than a mile to camp but standing an estimated ten feet high with jet black skin and eyes they don’t seem to be trying to avoid notice, just contact.


Perched in the edge of the outer rim and unknown space Deveron is the home of the lost, pirates, smugglers that pushed their luck once too often, and the plain unlucky end up here, usually stranded. The population grew as the inconstant trickle of people found themselves here and constant unwillingness of anyone there to help them leave.


The force sensitive that finds herself on Deverron will more likely than not want to leave immediately as the planets suffocating effect on most life can be felt that much more through the force. It is almost as if the planet itself seethes with hatred. The force flows strong and is as dark as the soil on the plains with as many hidden dangers.


An armored alien sithlord wanders the plains though no other Sith or anyone else for that matter seem to be aware of the existence of Devoron.


There use to be five settlements on Deveron but lack of communication between them resulted in all but two failing. Vessus is the main settlement Golan’s Run sits on the edge of a vast plain and is the launch pad for the foolish, brave, or just plain desperate to make scavenger runs on the plains for salvageable materials from the fallen ships that dot the planet. The planet is rich in crystals useful in saber creation but many are corrupted and many are chaotic resulting in more difficult construction but sabers with unique properties.

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First Favourite Planet: Korriban

Second Favourite Planet: Malachor

Name: Korhor




The ultimate Dark Side Planet. Littered with many Sith tombs and the Sith home, the Sith Academy. Many Sith have trained there. These include Exar Kun and Revan.


This Planet is far in the Unknown Regions and no one has ever been there. For Dark Side Storm Beasts would kill whoever landed on the Planet. Anyone who goes there never returns.


Occasional volcanic eruptions affect the Planet and earthquakes are also common. There are lava rivers flowing through the Planet. The perfect Home Planet for a Sith.

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