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Starting a server - basic problem solved


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This, as the start of the command line in the .BAT file, did not run (the server started then stopped immediately):


"C:\Game Program Files\SWBF2 server\BattlefrontII.exe" /win /norender .....


This, however, DOES run:


cd C:\Game Program Files\SWBF2 server\

BattlefrontII.exe /win /norender ........


No quote marks, and these are two separate lines: the first line sets the current directory to the server's, the second line starts the server with a command line.


I want to use a .BAT file so that all the starting reinforcement counts are stored; (1) I want to avoid typing new ones in every time I run the DSmanager, (2) changing the ticket counts in one session changes or removes those in another session.


Something to do with Windows XP I expect...

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