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Boba as well. For me the key diffrence was Det packs vs. Time bombs.


Nothing beats dropping an explosive as a jedi comes charging at you, then jetting out of the way and pushing the detonator. With Time bombs, it takes to much luck as nobody sticks around long enough for the explosion.


Plus his rifle is better in my opinion.

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LOL.commanderobi,i must agree. although mine doesnt swear at you every time you look at it.


yeah,maybe boba fett has a cape and a rifle, but jango has silvery armour. metallic stuff always wins i guess.

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Boba for two reasons: He's all round better for me, and two: I hate Jango with a passion. Boba was all cool until Ep. II came out, now we all know he's just some clone that inherited all of his neat stuff from his wannabe "dad." Bleh.

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