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REal men dont where pink.



"I am soooooooo tough i wear pink. Pink is manly"


ya right...


Pink is not masculin, on the contrary it is quite the opposite. Pink is an extremely feminine color. It takes a man that is sure of his masculinity (a real man) to wear pink and not feal like a fool. When he does this it is an ego booster because it shows him that a real man can wear pink, and still be masculin, so he wears it more often. Of course this theory falls apart when a five year old screams out "Look mommy, that guys wearing pink! Is he a girl?" This usually makes that man live in a pool of self doubt and wallow in it until he dies. But the REAL men see past such insecurities and continue to live wearing their favored color of pink. Why would they go through all of this? Because their men.

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Wait... I didn't realize lasers could have a sexual orienta... NO! Will not get dragged into pointless argument!


Anyway, I agree Darth Andrew, Boba just looks tougher. Jango's got the shiny "fresh from the factory" look going for him. But Boba's "I've traveled from one side of the galaxy to the other, and made it home with all my limbs attached to boot" (which as you can imagine is a pretty big deal in the SW universe), just looks cooler in my eyes as well.

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I oughta kill you.


Now, if Jango had twin dual pistols....he'd be better.


*sweating involuntarily* he... he... did i say anti gay i ment.....DONT HURT ME PLZ!!!



Yes i agree he should have deul pistols. Does anyone think that they made Jango not as good as boba in the game because in "real life" he wasn't as good?

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LOL. I think pink is a good colour, if not worn in excessive amounts. pink on chavs doesnt work. pink on people who are sure on theier sexuality is good. thats my excuse anyway...


ON-TOPIC: i thought that boba's end wasnt exactly the kind he was hoping for. first he gets his blaster cut in half by an absolute muppet of a jedi, then when a half-blind smuggler is flai8ling around with his walking carpet, his jetpack gets turned on and flies into the side of jabba ship. then he rolls into the sarlaac pit. what a way to go. i though that ws pretty harsh because in the scene in jabba's palace i though he looked so cool. well, maybe desperate when he was flirting with the twi'lek and that other one. bvut imagine getting "the nod of approval" from boba fett like leia did. that would in a way be such an honour. but its not real...

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