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It's Not Unusual [YURI]

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Alright, the first part was near perfect. They were both in character and it was sweet. Really, I was going aww.


However in the second part, Raz seems a out of character. I can see him being a little upset but then moving on. He doesn't seem like one to get deppressed over things. Also, did the game mention that Chloe lived in an orphanage?


That, and it isn't wrong for 14 year olds. Hell, sexual expermentation starts around puberty and girls go through puberty at a younger age (usually) than 14. Most of the time,nothing more than hand holding and a slight kiss. So if anything, Cheez was being on the prudent side of things.

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dude, you rock so much! Nothing like fighting gayness with gayness, and then saying that you know its wrong.

As it is, I like fem slash better than regulaer slash, but that could just be cuz I'm bia...

anyway, you write some crazy good fics manXD

retarded DA, banning you... It angers me...


haha i was too good for dA


you might see my new account but you have to be quick (or talk to Mashi) to catch it

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