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Secrets/facts for EaW: FAQ


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Well maybe not secrets, but lesser known facts that are "good" to know!


Game Speed


How long is a galactic day?

A galactic day is a standard unit of time used to track movement, construction, and resource payouts on a galactic level. It is not tied to the day and night cycle of any particular planet in the Star Wars galaxy or a typical Earth day of 24 hours.


Is it possible to change the overall speed that time passes?

Yes, in the Game Options you will find sliders that allow you to adjust the rate that time passes on the Galactic map and in battle. Adjusting these options will change the overall flow of time. You can also temporarily increase the speed that time passes by clicking the fast forward icon on the HUD. Time will pass at an increased rate until you click the fast forward icon a second time.


Things move too fast for me, how do I "Pause" the game? Can I do anything when paused?

You can put the game into an "active" pause by clicking the pause button on the control panel. While the game is actively paused:

- You can continue to make purchases while the game is paused, adding them to the production queue.

- You can cancel purchases by right clicking on their hologram.

- You cannot move units between planets, or between fleets while the game is paused.

- In battle you can issue movement orders to units while the game is paused, but movement will not occur until time has resumed.

You can also ?pause? the game and bring up the Pause Menu by clicking on the Main Menu icon on the HUD or by hitting the ?Escape? key on your keyboard.


How long do battles take in terms of Galactic Time?

In galactic mode battles occur instantly. In other words, when you are in combat, galactic time is frozen while the battle is taking place. When a battle ends Galactic time will resume as usual.


Does time affect tactical battles?

When you are fighting a tactical battle you will find that upgrades take time to acquire, weather changes over time, and the battle may take place during the day or at night. These events take place on a tactical time scale.


Does time function the same way in Skirmish Mode?

Since there is no galactic map in skirmish mode, these games use their own time scale. Instead of gaining resources each galactic day, you will gain a trickle of credits constantly at varying rates tied to the number of resource pads that your faction controls. You can also produce units in skirmish mode and the production time scale functions similarly to how it functions in the galactic mode.




Managing Planets and Planet Features


Is there a way to get more information on all the planets in the galaxy at a glance?

For more information you will find four filter buttons located next to the mini map. These will let you toggle economic information, production information, bonuses and weather effects and heroes on the map. For more information on any of the icons associated with these filters, just mouse over the icon and a tool tip will appear.


Is there a way for me to review all of my planets and sort them by different criteria?

Yes, just click on the droid advisor icon and choose the Summary option. You will be able to review all of your planets and sort them. Click on a planet from the list and it will be selected on the galactic map.


After capturing one planet, its bonus was applied to every other planet I controlled. But another planet's bonus was not. Why is that?

Some planets provide galactic bonuses, meaning that every planet you control will benefit. Other bonuses affect only the planet they originate from. It's a good idea to keep bonuses in mind when plotting your galactic strategy.


Why can't I build some structures on certain planets?

Special structures like the Hutt Palace and Cantina are only available on certain planets.


Why can't I upgrade my space station as high as my tech level will allow on each planet?

The maximum space station upgrade level will differ between planets. You will see 1 to 5 space station icons in the planet's info indicating how high you can upgrade the space station.


I want to build a capital ship, and I have a high level space station, why can't I build it?

Capital ships like the Mon Cal Cruiser and the Imperial Star Destroyer can only be built on planets with advanced shipyards like Sullust, Fondor, Kuat, and Mon Calamari.




Technology and Research


How does the Empire increase its technology level?

To increase the Empire's technology level build a research facility, then purchase technology upgrades on that planet.


How do the Rebels increase their technology level?

The Rebels steal new technology from the Empire. Send C-3P0 and R2-D2 to the steal slot on an enemy planet and choose a new technology to purchase. When all of the technologies of a particular level have been acquired, the Rebels will go up a tech level.


When the Rebels steal technology, will a battle or mission occur?

There are some missions in the story campaign in which the Rebels must steal technology during battle. However stealing technology outside of the story missions and in Galactic Conquest games will not cause a battle to occur.


What happens when my technology level increases?

You will be able to build higher level space stations. These stations will increase your galactic unit capacity and allow you to build more advanced starships. New structures may also become available on the ground. You may acquire new hero characters as well.


Do technology levels work the same way in Skirmish mode?

No, in skirmish mode both factions research technology upgrades at their command center.




Building Bases


How does base building work in Empire at War?

Primary base building takes place on the galactic level. Here you have two production queues, one for space and one for land. When you choose to build a structure it will be placed automatically in a strategic location on the planet's surface.


Can I continue building my base during a tactical battle?

You cannot construct major structures during a tactical battle. However you will have the opportunity to purchase upgrades from the buildings you have created. Also, there are versatile build pads on most land battlefields that will allow you to build offensive and defensive emplacements. You may also find abandoned structures that you can capture that will grant your faction special abilities.


Why would I want to build multiple structures of the same type on a planet?

There are a few reasons:

- Having multiple structures of the same type will improve the efficiency of the structure. For example, multiple barracks will allow you to produce infantry more quickly on the galactic map. Having multiple Ion Cannons will reduce the amount of time it takes to recharge between shots. Etc.

- Having multiple military structures will increase the number of garrison units you receive when defending.

- Every planet has a bonus. You may be able to multiply the effect of the bonus with multiple structures. For example, planets with a high credit value will generate much more income if multiple mining facilities are present.




Managing Fleets


How do I put specific units into a particular fleet?

To place the specific units into one of your three space fleets, or to put them in your land garrison choose the planet where the fleet is located and zoom in. You can zoom in by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the mini-map, double clicking on the planet, or selecting your planet and using the mouse wheel. From the zoomed in view simply select the unit you wish to move and drag it to the desired location. You can select multiple units by holding the ?Ctrl? key while making your selections.


Is there a way to quickly combine many units at once?

To easily combine groups of units from the Galactic Map click on the stack of units you wish to move and drag it on top of the fleet you wish you to combine it with. In space, this will add all the units from the first fleet into the second. On land, if you exceed 10 units on the planet's surface, the remainder will automatically be placed in space. You can manage specific units from the zoomed in view.


Can you put land units in space?

Yes, you can put as many land units in orbit above a planet as you like. Land units are automatically placed in transport ships, and can be moved to other planets. But, be aware that transports have virtually no defenses and are extremely vulnerable to enemy attack.


What happens if I put land units in a space fleet, then get into a space battle?

The land units' transports will be present in the space battle, but will not affect your population cap. Remember though, these units will be extremely vulnerable. If you must bring land units into a space battle keep them defended with an armed escort.




Moving Fleets into Hostile Territory


Can I attack an enemy planet with multiple space fleets?

No, only one fleet can attack a planet at a time. If you have more ships in the fleet than can participate in the battle, they will be held in reserve and can be brought in as reinforcements during the battle.


Can I call in reinforcements from nearby systems during a space battle?

You can only call on the reinforcements you brought to the battle. It is a good idea to combine all the space units you will need for a battle into a single assault fleet before attacking an enemy planet.


Is there a way to scout enemy space without starting a battle?

Yes, there are several types of units that can be placed in space above an enemy planet without starting a battle. These units are known as stealth fleets. They can be recognized by the stealth icon they have. These units include Imperial Probe Droids, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Han and Chewie, C-3PO and R2-D2, and others. While in orbit around a planet you will have some visibility into the enemy's defenses. Keep in mind that if you combine standard units with stealth units, they will not be able to use their stealth ability. When moving a combined fleet into enemy space, a battle will begin even if a stealth unit is present.


Is there a way to bypass space battles and attack the planet's surface?

The rebels can create raid parties that are made up of four or fewer land units. These special fleets will be indicated with a star icon. You can bypass a space battle with a raid party by dragging them to the raid slot on a planet's surface. Raid is not an option that is available to the Empire.


Is it possible to bypass land battles and conquer the planet from space?

Typically you must win the land battle in order to capture the planet. However, not every system has a land map. For instance, Bespin is a gas giant with no planetary surface. You will only need to capture the space above Bespin to conquer the planet. If you are playing as the Empire, you will have the opportunity to eliminate land battles from the game by using the Death Star.


If a smuggler is siphoning credits from my system, can I eliminate him?

Yes, you must hire a bounty hunter from a Hutt Palace and send him to the neutralize hero slot. Click on the smuggler's portrait to pay the bounty hunter's fee and eliminate him.


Is a bounty hunter always effective in eliminating a target?

Yes, as long as you have the credits to pay for his services.




Tactical Battles


What are Garrison Units?

Garrison units are free units that are produced by structures during battle. These units are not built on the galactic level and cannot be used outside of the battle they fight in and they have no effect on the population cap. Any space stations or military structures that you build on land will produce garrison units during combat. In addition, Imperial capital ships will also produce squadrons of TIE fighters and TIE bombers during battle. A flag icon indicates garrison units.


Can I choose to build Garrison Units during battle?

No, garrison units are built automatically and replaced when they are defeated. You cannot manually create garrison units from your structures.



Where are the reinforcement points in space combat?

When you press the reinforcement button you will see additional units in the reinforcement window. You can drag these reinforcements into any space you control as long as it is not too close to an asteroid or nebula field, too close to a structure, or too close to the enemy space station. When you press the reinforcement button you will see a red grid appear on the map. Red indicates space that you do not control and cannot call in reinforcements to.


I'm trying to bring a starship into valid space, but keeps saying "Reinforcement Cancelled", what am I doing wrong?

Make sure that the ship is green when you are dragging it into space. It may be too near to a hazard, or the ship may put you over your space population cap. Remember, larger starships cost more unit points than small ones. It may be that the ship would put you over your pop cap.


When I give my starships an attack order, they often stop and turn before firing. Can I just make them fire directly?

A unit given a move order will take opportunity shots without stopping if a target is in line with its weapons, but if it is instructed to attack it will need to stop and turn in order to hit the target.


When I told my starship to attack a unit, why did it turn to face the wrong way?

Some ships fire from the front, while larger ships often fire from the side. When given an attack order a ship will turn to orient the majority of its weapons against the target. In the case of capital ships, they may also acquire secondary targets on the opposite side.


When I gave my starships a move order they went straight through an asteroid field or nebula. Why didn't they find a path around it?

When giving a move order in space, click once and your ships will navigate around obstacles. If you double click, your ships will attempt to reach the destination at their best speed and will fly through any obstacles in their path.


Can I tell my starships to face a certain way?

Yes, when issuing a move order you can hold down the right mouse button to set the unit facing when they arrive. You can also use this to turn units in place.


When I attacked a planet's surface, only one set of units appeared on the surface. Where are all the rest of my units?

The rest of your units are in space transports waiting to be brought onto the battlefield. Click the reinforcement button and drag them from the reinforcement window onto the reinforcement point on the map.


On land, sometimes when I drag my units into the reinforcement point they aren't deployed. Why is that?

It could be because there is already another unit in the way. It is also possible that you've reached your population cap for the map. Or you part of the unit group may be overlapping a structure or obstacle. You can make sure that you are clear to reinforce by looking at the color of your units when you are dragging them. Green means you are clear to reinforce. Red means that there is a problem.


I'm trying to take over a reinforcement point or build pad with my units, but they don't seem to be changing.

Only infantry units and infantry heroes can capture points on a land map. Vehicles can provide support, but they can't secure key territory.


I have infantry near a build pad, but it's not letting me build?

Make sure that the pad has completely converted to your faction's control and turned green. If it hasn't, look for enemy infantry in the area that may be contesting the pad or move your infantry closer. Once the pad is green, right click on it, then select the emplacement you wish to build with the left button.


I made a mistake and built the wrong thing on a build pad, now what?

When construction is complete, right click on the emplacement to sell it. You are then free to rebuild on the pad.


Where can I purchase upgrades to help me defend my planet?

Click on your buildings. You will find that most of them offer upgrades for the unit types that they produce.


When I'm attacking a planet, is there any way for me to upgrade my units?

Some maps have mercenary outfitters that you can take control of. These structures will sell upgrades to the attacking faction.


Is there a way to activate a unit's special ability without using the command bar?

There are two other ways. You can right click on the unit itself and choose its special ability or you can use the hot key. A list of hotkeys is available on the back of the manual or in the game under keyboard options.


Can any of my units cross deep water?

Yes, Hover tanks and flying units can cross deep water.


A speeder is using its tow cable on my AT-AT, is there any way to keep it from being destroyed?

Yes, the tow cable will only take down the AT-AT if the AT-AT is moving. Issue a stop command to prevent damage.


I used force corrupt on enemy units, why are they dying so quickly?

Corrupted units lose health over time. This makes them more vulnerable than regular units.


I chose to retreat and many of my units seemed to be killed right away. Did I do something wrong?

After giving a retreat order combat speed will accelerate and your units will take extra damage. Try to get your units into a relatively safe position before calling for a retreat.


The battle summary doesn't seem to include all the units that were killed, is there a reason why some don't appear?

Garrison units and indigenous units are not reflected in the tally at the end of a tactical battle.


What do I need to do to use a bombing run in a land battle?

As the Empire you need to have a capital ship in orbit above the planet. The rebels will need at least one squadron of Y-wings. In skirmish games bombing runs can be purchased and once used, can be purchased again.


Is it possible to reduce the time between each run?

Yes, in the campaigns and galactic conquest, the more bombers you have in orbit, the shorter the recharge time will be between bombing runs.


When I call for a bombing run, which direction will the ships come from?

Bombing runs will always take the longest path to their destinations. The bombers trajectory can be estimated by drawing an imaginary line from the middle of the map to the targeted area.


Is there any defense against a bombing run?

Yes, anti-aircraft turrets and units can shoot down bombers before they reach their target.




The Death Star


How do I build the Death Star?

In the story campaign, the Death Star will be constructed as part of the story missions. In Galactic Conquest you need to do the following:

1 Play as the Empire.

2 Construct a Research Facility

3 On the planet with the Research Facility, purchase technology upgrades until you reach level 5.

4 On a planet that allows level 5 space stations, upgrade the station until it is level 5.

5 Select the planet with your level 5 space station and the Death Star will be available for purchase.


Where can I move the Death Star?

You can move the Death Star anywhere that your fleets can travel, but keep in mind that the Death Star moves more slowly than standard fleets and the rebels may see it coming.


Can the Death Star defend itself against Rebel fleets?

The Death Star is not designed for targeting starships or space stations. The Death Star cannot fight against the Rebels directly. The Death Star always travels in a fleet with armed escorts when assaulting enemy space. You can also increase the size of the fleet the Death Star travels with by adding ships to the ?Death Star? fleet.


Can the Death Star be destroyed?

Yes, if the Rebels win a space tactical battle against the Death Star's fleet and Red Squadron is present, Luke Skywalker will destroy the Death Star.


How do I fire the Death Star's super laser?

When the Death Star enters orbit around a Rebel planet, a countdown will appear at the top of the screen. When the Death Star is in firing range, pull the handle in the command bar to destroy the planet.


Are there any disadvantages to building a Death Star?

The Death Star is a powerful weapon and using it carries some risk. A Death Star construction project requires a great investment of time and resources that could be spent on other space and land defenses. If you destroy a planet with the Death Star you will deny the Rebels the opportunity to build there, but you also deny yourself any potential resources the planet may have provided. Also, if the Rebels manage to destroy the Death Star, the Empire will be defeated. Keep these factors in mind when planning your Imperial conquest.




Camera Controls


I like the cinematic camera, but sometimes it doesn't show me the angle or unit that I want to see. Can I control it?

If you tap the space bar the cinematic cam will immediately jump to a new position. If you find an angle or unit that you like, just hold the space bar down to hold focus on that unit.


Can I focus the camera on a particular unit?

Yes, select the unit you want to focus the camera on and press the "C" key. Hold down the "C" key and move the mouse to change the position of the camera.


How do I ?zoom? the camera in and out during combat?

You can use the mouse wheel to change your point of view.


When I'm zoomed way out, the command bar disappears. What if I want to use it?

Press the "I" key and the command bar will reappear. You can press the "I" key again to make it go away.


Can I rotate the angle of the camera?

Using the standard controls, press the ?Ctrl? key and click the middle mouse button (mouse wheel). Then you can move the mouse to change the camera angle.


How do I reset the camera angle once I've changed it?

You can press the "Home" key, or the middle mouse button to reset the camera to its default position.


The camera controls don't behave the way I'm used to. Can I change them?

Yes, in the game options there are three check boxes: Alternate Mouse Controls, Right Mouse Button Scroll and Both Mouse Buttons Rotate. By toggling these options you can change the way the camera controls work until you find the method that is best for you.






How do I get new heroes?

It depends on the game mode.

- In Campaign, heroes will join your cause at particular points in the story. They may or may not be available permanently.

- In Galactic Conquest new heroes will join you after your faction increases its technology level.

- In Skirmish mode you will recruit heroes at your command center. New heroes will become available for recruitment as you upgrade your technology level.


Can hero units be killed?

Yes, they are all quite powerful, but each hero has its own vulnerabilities.


What happens when a hero dies?

Again, it depends on the game mode.

- In Campaign, some missions require that your hero survive. If the hero is defeated, the mission will end and must be attempted again from the beginning. In other missions hero death is permissible, in which case it behaves like Galactic Conquest.

- In Galactic Conquest if a hero is killed they will be removed from the battle. They will respawn after a certain amount of time has passed on the Galactic map. You can see their progress indicated in the blue glow over their portrait.

- In Skirmish mode a hero is removed from the battle when killed, but can be recruited again from the command center.


Can heroes be used in both land and space?

Some heroes can be used in both types of battles, others cannot. Land heroes that can fight in space will pilot their own personal spacecraft. Land heroes that cannot fight in space will ride in transports. Heroes that can only fight in space, like Red Squadron, can not be brought down to the surface of a planet.



Skirmish Mode


I purchased several units, where are they?

They are in the reinforcement queue. Click the reinforcement icon in the HUD or hit the "R" key on the keyboard to bring up the reinforcement window where you can select which reinforcement units you want to bring into battle.


How do I increase the flow of credits?

Capture resource points and build resource facilities. You can upgrade major resource facilities to further increase production.


One of my base buildings was destroyed, can I get it back?

Yes, you can rebuild structures by selecting the destroyed structure and clicking on the rebuild icon that appears. Provided you have enough credits to rebuild the structure and the refresh timer has completed first.


What are the small asteroids with pads on them in space skirmish battles?

These asteroids are much like build pads in a land battle. If you take control of the space around the asteroid you will be able to build rocket and laser defenses.


Can I use a hypervelocity gun or ion cannon in skirmish mode?

Yes, but each shot needs to be purchased individually.


In space skirmish, can I repair a hard point if it is destroyed?

Yes, if you upgrade the space station the hard point will appear gray. When the upgrade is complete the hard point will be restored.


If a structure is destroyed, will I lose all the upgrades associated with it?

In skirmish mode if a structure is destroyed, you will lose all of the upgrades you purchased there.


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Dude....... If I wasn't so good already, I'd print this out right now.

Good job, you explain so that other people can understand, even if they aren't very familier with Starwars.

But maybe you should call it an FAQ for E@W, and then get Popcorn or DMUK to sticky it, 'cause this deserves a sticky.

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That's just a copy & paste straight from the Official FAQ site in Lucas Arts (as indicated by the copyright at the bottom of the post). A link would have sufficed, I think... however, I believe there's already several links to that info in this forum.

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Probably for this reason:

That's just a copy & paste straight from the Official FAQ site in Lucas Arts (as indicated by the copyright at the bottom of the post). A link would have sufficed, I think... however, I believe there's already several links to that info in this forum.
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Erm....may i suggest changing the colour of the main topics too? :)


When you edit a message, all the function of the advance view don't work for me either.


Wondering why this is not sticked already...


Huh? Then what would changing the color do. SOrry it took me long enough to get all the titles in bold.

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Very nice guide! :)


Something I think would be useful to add are unlisted hotkeys...two I've found so far are hold Alt and right-click to set waypoints and hold Ctrl and right click to attack-move. These are not listed in the manual, nor in the Options / Game / Keyboard window.

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In space skirmish, can I repair a hard point if it is destroyed?

Yes, if you upgrade the space station the hard point will appear gray. When the upgrade is complete the hard point will be restored.


Actually, if the hp is totally and utterly destroyed and you upgrade your station, you have to click on the gray hardpoint to have it "auto-repair" itself. This will cost credits, however the cost is low. I just wanted to add that.

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Actually, if the hp is totally and utterly destroyed and you upgrade your station, you have to click on the gray hardpoint to have it "auto-repair" itself. This will cost credits, however the cost is low. I just wanted to add that.


Um, that is exactly what it means, you just went into a detailed explanation...

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Um, that is exactly what it means, you just went into a detailed explanation...


I <3 details...lol, could you edit your post and put my explanation in? What you are implying is that it will "repair itself instantly, which isn't right.



Edit: EUREKA! I HAVE FOUND AN IMMENSE SECRET!!! (if you guys already know this, than sit tight): You can change the difficulty for Skirmish by doing these steps when playing the match:

1. Press "ESC"

2. Go to "Game"

3. Select your difficulty level.

(Note: BEWARE! Hard difficulty is exactly like it sounds: They WILL come at you with everything. I was attacked by 2 MonCals while at Space Station Level 3. Beware!)

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Does Anyone Know what it takes to get Col Veers to Cardia?

the emporer states i asked for COl Veers make sure he is present I have dragged him single and used Darth vadar as escourt n\and different other combinations but the emporer stops me every time even though he is present

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Does Anyone Know what it takes to get Col Veers to Cardia?

the emporer states i asked for COl Veers make sure he is present I have dragged him single and used Darth vadar as escourt n\and different other combinations but the emporer stops me every time even though he is present


Try just sending Veers or only using space only units as an escort.

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