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Secrets/facts for EaW: FAQ


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I <3 details...lol, could you edit your post and put my explanation in? What you are implying is that it will "repair itself instantly, which isn't right.



Edit: EUREKA! I HAVE FOUND AN IMMENSE SECRET!!! (if you guys already know this, than sit tight): You can change the difficulty for Skirmish by doing these steps when playing the match:

1. Press "ESC"

2. Go to "Game"

3. Select your difficulty level.

(Note: BEWARE! Hard difficulty is exactly like it sounds: They WILL come at you with everything. I was attacked by 2 MonCals while at Space Station Level 3. Beware!)

hard is way easy i beat rebs and emp on hard mode its like easy mode only on easy mode they dont attack or do they i aint played easy be4 lol

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