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SWG = Car Crash


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For a long time now, SWG has been in a perpetual head on collision with the actual SWG community. Finally after almost 3 years, 3 expansions and the last nail in the coffin 2 combat revisions we have a community at war with not only the developers of SWG, but with Lucas Arts themselves.


It's no secret that the majority of the SWG community and the computer gaming media world have looked at the NGE and come the same conclusions: the NGE is a car wreck. How could the biggest name in MMOG's today allow a complete revision of combat and professions/classes go live so incomplete that it is going to take the better part of a year to fix? It's a question that we in the community ask ourselves each day. It's a question that is asked as many of us now play other MMOG's hoping that SOE and LA finally conclude that perhaps the community is correct and release Pre-CU or Pre-NGE servers.


I was reading the Smuggler board today, in there was an excellent post summarizing almost a full 3 years of promises after broken promises after more broken promises. This thread took the actual quotes by the Dev's compete with dates and laid it out for the community to look at. The OP took 3 posts to complete the layout for the quotes and timeline. The post is exactly what the Dev's need to stop and look at. The SWG Dev team should pause and reflect back at what was said, when it was said and then explain to the community why it wasn't followed through. Of course they can't/won't do that. GreenMarine is no longer with SWG and the 'vision' of Smugglers in SWG is again a long ways off... /snicker ok sorry that was cruel, I should have said will never happen. Was the OP trolling? I highly doubt it, I believe he is looking for answers knowing he won't get them, but he was going to make sure that the Dev's would be held accountable.


It's been nearly 3 weeks since my account closed. In that time I have picked up WoW and joined the 5 million strong that Blizzard has in it's ranks. I've joined a guild that is mostly made up of SWG refugee's from Tarq. We're enjoying ourselves and actually grouping together as much as we can to complete missions and dungeon encounters.


But WoW isn't Star Wars.... and many feel the pain of not playing the game we once thought we'd never leave.


It truely is a shame that after nearly 3 years that the one and only fully emersive Star Wars MMO game on the market had to be revamped a second time, making it worse than the previous 2 incantations. As so many have said before... SWG had the potential to be absolutely amazing. To bad they missed the mark again and again.

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I too went to WoW because I couldn't stand the game's current condition... I didn't mind the NGE that much, but more the destroyed community. The community means EVERYTHING for me. When I joined back in August '05, I didn't think that the game had that good gameplay. It was exciting with that skill point system though, I really loved it.


But when NGE hit, and people left, the atmosphere in SWG turned negative :( People were mad, elder jedi were flaming the boards 24/7, everything was just bad.


I joined WoW in february, played it for a month, and decided to leave it. The community sucked even more there, and there was nothing to do besides power lvl'ing 24/7. Not my type of game. So I joined SWG again, and I've not regret it :) Publish 27 was good, and publish 28 sounds promising aswell!

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My question is: What makes publish 27 good enough to resubscribe?


Don't get me wrong. I was a Commando from the day I bought SWG. Going through the ups and downs over 2 years sucked. Getting back HW's was a good thing, but again... so what?


What is there for a Vet of 2 years+ to do? Space? Been there, mastered Reb twice and Imp once.


RoTW... omg please not that lag fest of broken quests and lame rewards.


ToOW - Now that was a good months worth of content, but again it is only a months worth if you are just stepping on Mustafar for the first time.


SWG had replayability (My new madeup word of the day) when you could re-make your toon at will, but now it's just boring. What SWG has always needed is a serious expansion built on the PvE GCW that takes literally 4+ months to complete for either side. I came from EQ where long drawn out story-lines were the norm and now I see why. Having an expansion that can be completed fully in less than a months time is a waste. I still can't believe that SOE expects customers to pay $30.00 for something like that.


PvP... I used to love PvP when the FRS was around, hell I loved PvP in the CU. Drawn out battles that raged across 2-4 planets, different towns, GCW bases and through NPC cities was great. Now PvP lasts if you are lucky for a couple mins and either one side or the other is completely wiped out. Clone Zerging in a major NPC city sucks and (I hate to say it) young fellas wanting to PWN everything just got old really quick.


Prehaps I'm just getting to jaded about the direction of SWG. I suppose it's as good a time as any to take an extended break from the game.


I guess we'll see where the Dev's take SWG and if it's a direction that people who have left will once again want to follow.

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