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DS- Defenders of Sovereignty Looking for Deciated JKO/JA Payers


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We have been gaming for 5 years and We are looking for members for our tournaments in Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy and all other other games we play Star Wars GBG:CC,RC, BF1, BF2, Empire at War and Galaxies..


Check out our Website @ http://www.dsgaming.net for more information about us.



We use http://www.battlestats.com and http://www.eclipticalrealms.com as tournament websites


We hope you consider joining us. Please feel free to contact me at fighta8@hotmail.com for MSN and email, NeXuSPhantom390 for AIM and dsfighta8 for XFire


Happy Gaming,


Jedi Guardian Ashyr

Defenders of Sovereignty Gaming


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Hey Everyone. We just got a new site design and are about to be on our 6th year of Star Wars Online Gaming. We still play in 1 JA tournamnet amonth, ranking 2nd ou tof the whole clanbase in the tournament. Our JA Server IP is (may be locked at times for SaberWeek-Our tournament)


Hope to see you around and I hope you consider joining DS sometime



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