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Omeewan's Jedi Skins-Shaders


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Heres a thought, when ever you get a newer version done, send it out to buffy or someone as a safe guard incase you have too many green beers, well any color at that fact.


I have backup 80 GB disc in my PC .. you guys sould have it too ... :giggle1:

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Here is an attempt at a younger variant of Obi. Which do you guys like better? The one I originally made or this one?




Side by side comparison:



The beard on this Obi-Wan is hand drawn heheh, took me while.

There's something about this model that just doesn't look right in screenshots, but yet it looks good in modelview when you are moving it around and what not. I can't explain it, you'll have to see for yourself. It just looks better in 3d. Well, time to get this one in game.


I'm still depressed about Ki-Adi lol.

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He yawns o:


Anyway, for the older version: You need to make the eyebrows longer, they're quite short.

The younger Version: Well, dunno. I like the first one better.


PS: I still want to see your Palpatine O:

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LOL Revan, the pic with his mouth open is just to show that the mouth is functional for SP...LOL, leeches...

And which one did you like better? Buffy likes the younger and Selek likes the older...I need a tie breaker here!


Ok Buffy, I'll try to make the eyebrows longer but for some reason, they are distorted on the UV map when I do. I'll see what I can do for you though. This model is very tough to skin, and has a few clipping issues. If Aaron was still around I'd ask for his help in changing just a few things on it.


And Selek, as far as Palpatine goes: I tried but I can't seem to find a decent model for him :( - I reskinned the toonces Palpatine and it came out OK with the hood, but the non hooded version looked very stupid because the hair was flat. (and I really want to make a palpatine without the hood.)

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I...dunno....which to...choose...


Brain...scrambeled...must...get........ahh....pepsi ... :p Hmm. they look both very good. Maybe the younger... I dunno... really. :p

"you want to choose younger Obiwan ... you want to pick younger Obiwan ... yes I want to choose younger Obiwan !..." :stick::laughing:

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I like your Sig by the way Selek! I just picked up my copy of MGS: sustinence. :)



Thanks to Marcus LeCoy for Sig+Avy.


Anyhoo, how does your HOODED Palpy look?


And the unhooded model isn't too bad, just look at Notamu's one.


Uh, for Obi: I liked the older version more, but younger version is good too. Move along ;)

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:smash: I'm speechless... :o


That looks so awesome Buffy...


lol, my screensaver is all of your screenshots so far :)


If you don't mind, can you do a few requests for me?


1.) I'd like to see a few screens of Ep2 Obi-Wan and Anakin!


2.) Is there a map of the inside of Kamino? I'd like to see a screenshot of Obi-Wan talking to Taun We or Jango without the mask :p

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Heheh, thanks Revan. :)


You are right about Lucas Arts. No offense but some of the Lucasrts models/skins do not look too great...just my opinion.


I don't get paid for this and I think I put more time into it than they do lol. They just don't put enough detail into it. IE: look at the episode 3 game, battlefront, ect.


What they NEED to do is hire Hapslash. lol


Speaking of which, I reskinned the episode 3 Obi-Wan. Not because it needed it mind you, (it is by far the best model/skin I have ever seen) but because I wanted it to look more consistent with my episode 1 and 2 Obi. Especially with the shaders.





It's hard to tell the difference so I posted a side by side. Some parts on the head are still Hapslash's. (the grey/white sideburns, and a few others.)

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Here are some more WIP screens


After looking at the 3 models side by side, I came to the conclusion that I have to darken ep1 obi's skin up a bit. He looks too pale! :/





Here is Hap's Obi-wan in comparison to mine, both with and without shaders.


I much rather prefer my non-shader version over the shiny version, but I want it to look good next to my other skins so I might release both.

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Best Model make Best Skin ! Best Skin make Best model looks more better !

I will take you say screenshot later today ..

for Anakin I have only old Ep2 Anakin so I will wait till you make your version of Ep2 Anakin .. ;)

when I take screenshot inside of room then it kind of make model dark but ..



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Thanks Buffy, hehe.


I think you're right Pahricidia, I'm going to try that later on today. I was going for the quake4/doom look and I may have overdone it hehe.


Right now though- I'm going to go watch "V for Vendetta". :)

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