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Omeewan's Jedi Skins-Shaders


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Well, Omee, I'd say you mastered the Quake 4 look. Lol. Because I have Quake 4 and it is very very close. :D Very nice Omee.


Also, I hope to see SWG clone stuff soon. :) Im not rushing, Im just saying Im excited for all of your fantastic work. :)


I hope Im contributing alot of good things to you. I mean, for instance, giving you good reference and enthusiasm. :)


And I'd say since you have alot of friends here, that should help alot to you. I mean by rooting you on, seeing how you could improve, etc. Though, everything I've seen from you, I dont think you'd need MUCH improving on. :) You mastered the art of photosourcing + adding your own touches to it to make it more movie realistic. I love your work Omee, and I'll never cease to be amazed by how an awesome skinner you are. :D


I support you in everyway. :)



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Sweet lord! That Kamino map is very cool Buffy. I like those screens too! Too bad we don't have a little mini Boba to throw in there hehe. :)



Thanks man. You and Zappa do help out a lot via ideas, criticism (the constructive kind) and most of all enthusiasm! Thank you, and keep it coming.


Light Ninja:

As I stated in an above post, I do agree with Pahri and Light Ninja- "Tienes razon mi hermano." :p little spanish there from a fellow latino. The shaders on Obi do shine a bit much. They make him look like he is too sweaty. I'll tone it down slightly tonight and play around with the look. Hopefully I'll have some screens tonight.


Mace, Kit and Anakin look just about right- at least to me. Qui-Gon looks OK, maybe I'll turn his shaders down a bit too- not sure about that one.


And lastly "V for Vendetta" was...OMG....I... I....

What an awesome, awesome, flick- too say the least. If there is a modeler that can read this: MAKE A V MODEL!!!! lol

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You guys aren't gonna believe this but I just had to...


in order to achieve consistency between the 3 models, I reskinned my reskin of Ep1 Obi. lol Here are some more screens:




I think it looks way more like Ewan now. Not to mention it looks good next to the other two models.


And here is an example of the tweaked version of the shaders:


Still too shiny or is it good like this?

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Woah... Nicely done! One day you are going to have to tell me your secret technique Buffy, lol. (You use the force don't you??)


Looking at the difference in the two models makes me wish Hapslash could edit the other models heads to fit on those robes. Hapslash makes such good models! I can't wait for him to release Anakin and Mace...


And thank you Alkonium. I always say "it's the little things" that make the big difference when it comes to editing.

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Hello everyone!


Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. I am in the process of moving and things are a bit hectic right now. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I should have the Cable guy coming over to install both the Cable TV and my internet!! Hooray!


I recieved an e-mail from jk2files so my skinpack will be up for download on there soon I hope! I'm going to post at the void about using Hap's model and textures for the new Obi-Wan(s). So we'll see how that goes over and whether or not he gives me the OK for the pack.


Anyhow I plan to release the 501st Clones soon! I have to get with Zappa on it. Buffy was really helpful by including an NPC pack that comes with the DC-15 rifle and clone pistols! By the way, Is there a clone sniper rifle in the works somewhere? Also, I'd like to wait for Pahri's rifle to go with this but I could always add it on later.


As a recap, here are my projects:

1.) Get Permission from haps for me to use his textures in my skinpack. And release pack 2.


2.) Finish the 501st clones- I noticed some things I want too add on to them- minor details. (also maybe add some arcs and a commander via the surfaces)


3.) SWG clones.


Also, I just bought "The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion" for the xbox 360 so my real life is now over... :o LOL It's quite literally one of the most amazing games I have seen/played. I'll try not to let it interfere with the skinning lol.

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LOL Zappa. Not that particular cable guy, but I'm sure it will be one in his image nonetheless.


And Pahri- that is looking really sweet, I can't wait to work on it! I have a few references to go by but the more the merrier if anyone else has some to share.


And I feel for you...I can't imagine running Oblivion on my PC- I have an athlon xp 3400, 1 gig of RAM, and a 256 ATI Radeon. Decent, but soon to be outdated in regards to Gaming. Heck even with those specs I have some choppy gameplay issues with games like Far Cry, Doom, and Quake 4.

W.o.W works fine though :)


And coincidently- Empire at War, Republic Commando, KOTOR and JKA run just fine! :p Star Wars conspiracy???

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Okay, so I finally got around to finishing up the 501st skin pack. For the 501st Arc Trooper we have the default blue arc extras that were originally used in the Clones Ultima pack and for the 501st commander I used Cuillere's Commander Cody accessories and my own 501st skin.


I'm going to tweak a few tidbits here and there before I release it. After that I will be waiting for Zappa's "OK" to send it to PCGM/JK2FILES.


**On a side note, I don't understand what is taking jk2files so long to release my jedi skin pack. :( I followed all of the submission guidelines, and it's been well over a month. Honestly, I'm starting to lose intrest in skinning. What's the point in spending weeks making these things if no one will get to use them?? (not counting the few faithful we have here! :) )





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Omee thats because..........................JK3FILES SUCK!!!!

they are so late to show up new files ..

and really old same file showup again ... not new files ... :blast5:

I hope pcgamemod back to work again like before ... :king1:

are you going to send me new 501st skinpack too ?

cant wait ! ;)

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Wooow! Nice Omee!!! :D I wonder what the Cody-like armor would look like with the pauldron/epalet whatever you call it? Or...well I just think that'd be cool too. But I dont wanna put extra work on your hands. :p You're already doing alot of things so. :p Hehe. Can't wait to see SWG clones when you get around to it. It's ok, take your time, I'm here to support you! :D

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