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Whats better The Empire or the Rebels


Who is Better the Empire or The Rebels  

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  1. 1. Who is Better the Empire or The Rebels

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In space skirmish the Rebels are much better. On land and campaign, the Empire rules the galaxy. In quickmatch those pesky x-wings with lock s-foils are just too fast and they can rush all the resources. I see that as the biggest imballance in the game.


Edit: I guess I should say that maybe it's just my Emperial strategy that's lacking, but I've seen many online players that agree...

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Guest DarthMaulUK

For me, its very rare to have factions that actually feel different when you play with them. Both the Rebels and Empire have such different styles of play it keeps me coming back to play more.


I like the Rebels for their 'smash and grab' tactics but also the Empire for its total feel of authority and over confidence in such.


To pick out a fav, hmmmm i need more time!



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long live the EMPIRER!!


guess which one i picked.... :p


i chose it because of the simplicity of game play with them, in space, just star destroyers or victory or acc and that's it. whereas for the rebel, you have to balance between Y-wing, X-wing and the Mon cruiser (or assault, depending on money)


the empire's land battles are abit weak, but once you've got the death star, just see how many troops they've got on the surface and if there's alot, just destroy the planet :p

but ATAT's will always be able to take out rebel's medium defence (large defence will lead to planet destruction)

the onlything i like about the rebels is:

-Home One flagship

-Han Solo's ship (fast and when low on shield, turn on inviciblilty and run away)

-the artillary

-Plex soldiers


but the empire can easily counter all of those, so i chose the empire

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In the game the Rebels are slightly stronger (and they shouldn't), for real (SW real anyway) the Empire rules the battlefield. Also the Imperials are the good guys and the Rebels are just a bunch of terrorists and pirates. In the game the Empire only has 2 types of StarDestroyers, however for real the Empire has at least 6 types (included the Venator there, not counting the 1&2 version of some). If those were to be included I could dispatch any threath to my Empire

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The Empire never loses!!! there forces are always the best I said so at the top of the page but l want to share some personal likes for the the empire.


-patrol cruisers

-The deathstar (of course)

-Victory destroyers


-interdictors (oh yeah always turn on your interdictors if there is transports)

-darth vader


-boba fett

-colinal veers (my best favourite)

and heaps more :vsd:

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If the empire never loses, then why did they lose a little thing called the Galactic Civil War?


Lol it's just a story by GL. The poll is about how many of us likes which side more than the other.


So what if the Empire lost? I think they're cool. The discipline, the seriousness, just simply my style.

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I think the rebels are because I took on a level 5 space station and 3 star destroyers with only 25 normal ships, including the millenium falcon. So the rebels seem to be better, at times.

Mmmh ... don't I know your face from somewhere? ... Solo ... Solo - the name seems somehow familiar. Ah - whatever! In any case you are surely mistaken, for the Empire is, of course, superior to the rebels in any case. If you doubt the technical superiority (your doubts probably have been supplied by rebel propaganda ... don't be fooled by those criminals!) - you should at least acknowledge the obvious moral superiority of the empire.

Rebels are scum - dirty criminals who shun the light of the day and prefer to fight in ambushes and sneaky raids instead of honest combat. One imperial tie pilot, confident of his righteous mission and with pride and glory in his heart, can best dozens of enemy fighters (shields on fighters are clearly for cowards!). You should know that the mighty Galactic Empire alone stands between us and anarchic chaos in the galaxy! Rebels make no secret of their dealings with smugglers and actually think that they are brave and clever while most of their attacks consist of hiding bombs somewhere and running away. There is obviously just one way to peace and order in the galaxy! The imperial way!:vsd:

Mmmh ... say - you don't happen to be aquainted with a wookie, do you? ;)

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