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Do you think that there should a SWBF3?


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Boy, old thread.


Well, I think that there certainly should be a SWBF3! Unfortunately, for me, I couldn

't even get one because I don't have a next-gen. gaming system. But, I want the best for all of you. *Starts to tear up...* *Runs away*




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duh there should b a swbf3 but make it more like halo 3 big teams kind of thing w/better aircraft not the hoth speeder crap as long as it is like wookie air shps or something. oh and pleese dont make it like renegade squad online the only thing people do is use homing rockets to bombard a base it realy sucks because it is just a spawn-kill-a-palusa

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both the battle front games were mint number one had better maps tho but i think the batle front 2 was better game play although they could of made the heros better the life thing kinda anoys me =/ and the space battles could be biggerlol. but i really want them to make a starwas battle front 3


by the way boba fett rules =P lol!

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Definitely should be BF3, Here are my wishes:

--Not so many bugs in the game

--The awards need to be better, and here need to be more of them. (The Beam Rifle was a terrible award, Frenzy ruined the game((Too Easy)), Technician was really easy to get, you get the idea.)

-- Make each Trooper unique. (All troopers are the same, except Super Battle Droid)

-- Make "Unlockable" Troopers better

--Add more levels

--make levels better


--Vehicles need to be better

--Make the AI better. (I'm sick of seeing demolition units on levels that have no vehicles. )

--The turrets are annoying, please put less turrets. (The AI always go straight towards the turrets)

--Put more Jedi, make Darth Maul a little worse. He owns everything when played by a player.

--Get rid of Gammoreans for good, they are so stupid, and they can jump higher than the jedi can!


This is all I can think of of the top of my head...


-a lot of lasers going across the screen

-more sides to choose from

-create your own person

-EVERYTHING is destuctable

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it would be great if they make the space battles connected whit the ground battles , like picking an antiair turret on ground and make in the capitals ships a bunch of holes

BF3 would be great i just think that like many orders already said it should have some kind o customization even for droids , and more weapons to choose

im a big FPS fan and i think that SW should have more games of this type , and its quite simple just a fusion of call of duty 4 whit lasers and all kind of ships of sw :)

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how about if AL dont keep using gernades or wrist rockets when they dont do anything on players cause u can esaully dodge them. for the snipers and very good troopers in swbf2 they kept being weak and using pistol. the al in space battles are retarted they just sit there. while the other team is moving. fire on mygeto should kill you like jangos fire. everything should be able to get destroyed. bullets should bounce off buildings. buildings have to destruct like walls. u punch it it go thru. you should be able to send fleets on planets and back to space. gunships should land troops go back to space and get more troops. rolling should do .9 damage cause sometimes it hurts when you do it in real life. the death star should actually destroy planets (campegan). maul should be weaker cause he pwns. more maps. better graphics. should have ALL battles from the movies. hoth has to just have 2 things. 1 sheild gen. w/ hanger ATATs ATSTs and a wampa. follow the story. this message is long.

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Just one more...I find it funny that I started this thread when I was 12! Four years ago and people are still posting in here...why? Lol my language in that first couple posts was so basic and like "I like more maps and troopers..." lol. Been long time and still no word on SWBF3...sad face :(

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