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Collector's Edition CE maps for download.

Admiral Z

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Thank mate :).


Btw, to anyone that may regard this as "warez", well, we can download custom maps from in-game (when map edittor is out) and since CE edition was only for US and Germany, i think it's fair to give the rest of us those maps. Afterall, it's not a game image...

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4. The posting of links to sites that contain illegal material and the discussion of where to obtain illegal material (ie where to get illegal MP3s, warez, etc.) is prohibited. We reserve the right to edit/delete any thread/post that breaks this rule at our sole discretion.

CE Maps are made for the CE, it is illegal to allow people to download these for free. It violates forum rules, copyright laws, and Empire at War license agreement.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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