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Issue..Server is hanging durring score intermission!

Dak Vesser

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I'm testing a server configuration on my local network. I've got a custom map rotation going, with the timelimit set to 5 minutes with 9 bots minimum just to test it out. Problem is when the timelimit reaches 5 minutes, and durring the scoreboard intermission, the server hangs, doesn't start the nextmap.


Does anyone know how to fix this issue so it won't hang???


These are my server settings:


//-----------SERVER PASSWORDS---------------
seta rconpassword "***************"

seta g_password ""

// seta sv_privatePassword ""
// seta sv_privateClients ""

//-----------MAIN SETTINGS----------------
seta sv_hostname "^1Test server"
seta g_motd " under ^1construction!!!"
seta sv_maxclients "16"

seta g_gametype 0

seta sv_maxrate "3000"
seta sv_dl_maxrate "3000"
//[Connection Speed] / ([Num Clients] x 8) = [sv_maxrate]

seta g_banIPs ""
seta sv_maxPing "250"
seta sv_keywords ""
seta sv_floodProtect "1"
seta sv_reconnectlimit "3"
seta bot_minplayers 9

//--------------BOT OPTIONS-------------

seta bot_wp_visconnect "1"
seta bot_wp_distconnect "1"
seta bot_wp_clearweight "1"
seta bot_wp_edit "0"
seta bot_wp_info "1"
seta bot_camp "1"
seta bot_attachments "1"
seta bot_pvstype "1"
seta bot_forgimmick "0"
seta bot_forcepowers "1"
seta bot_interbreedwrite ""
seta bot_interbreedcycle "20"
seta bot_interbreedbots "10"
seta bot_interbreedchar ""
seta bot_challenge "1"
seta bot_rocketjump "1"
seta bot_report "0"
seta bot_pause "0"
seta bot_nochat "0"
seta bot_fastchat "0"
seta bot_testclusters "0"
seta bot_testsolid "0"
seta bot_testrchat "0"
seta bot_testichat "0"
seta bot_reloadcharacters "0"
seta bot_thinktime "100"
seta bot_saveroutingcache "0"
seta bot_aasoptimize "0"
seta bot_forcewrite "0"
seta bot_forcereachability "0"
seta bot_forceclustering "0"
seta bot_visualizejumppads "0"
seta bot_reachability "0"
seta bot_groundonly "1"
seta bot_maxdebugpolys "2"
seta bot_debug "0"
seta bot_developer "0"
seta bot_enable "1"
seta bot_honorableduelacceptance "1"
seta bot_minplayers "9"
seta bot_grapple "1"

//--------------FORCE & Weapons---------

seta g_weaponDisable 34816
seta g_forcePowerDisable 163808
seta g_maxForceRank 7
seta g_forceRegenTime "10"

//----------OTHER SERVER SETTINGS-------

//seta sv_timeout "300"
//seta g_warmup "20"
//seta g_doWarmup "1"
seta g_teamAutoJoin 0
seta g_friendlyfire "0"
seta g_friendlySaber "0"

//seta g_log "games.log"
//seta g_statLog "1"
//seta g_statLogFile "stats.log"

seta g_inactivity 300
seta g_timeouttospec 0

seta g_allowvote 1
seta timelimit 0
seta fraglimit 100
seta capturelimit 
seta duel_fraglimit "1"

seta g_autoMapCycle 0
seta sv_allowdownload 0

seta g_dismember "300" 
seta g_saberLocking 1
seta g_saberLockFactor 13

seta g_slowmoDuelEnd 1
seta g_allowDuelSuicide 1
seta g_siegeTeamSwitch 1

seta g_locationBasedDamage 1
seta g_stepSlideFix 1
seta g_allowNPC 1

seta g_useWhileThrowing 1
seta g_enableBreath 1
seta g_enableDust 1

//seta g_spawnInvulnerability "5000"

//Remove some items
//seta disable_item_medpak_instant 1
//seta disable_item_medpak 1
//seta disable_item_medpac 1
//seta disable_item_shield_lrg_instant 1
//seta disable_item_sheild_sm_instant 1

//////////JA+ MOD SETTINGS////////

//-----------Client Side Plugin------------
seta sv_pure "0" //not ja+ related but used by the plugin system

/////////ADMIN SETTINGS/////////
seta jp_councilPass "*************"
seta jp_knightPass "************"
seta jp_instructorPass "********"

seta jp_councilAllowedCMD "1073741822"
seta jp_knightAllowedCMD "207387354"
seta jp_instructorAllowedCMD "140016138"

seta jp_councilLoginMSG "%s ^7is logged in as an ^1admin council!"
seta jp_knightLoginMSG "%s ^7is logged in as an ^2admin knight!"
seta jp_instructorLoginMSG "%s ^7is logged in as an ^2admin instructor!"

seta jp_admUsableOn 0
seta jp_admScript 1
seta jp_admLoginEffect 1

//------ANTI Admin Abuse-----------------
seta jp_antiAdmAbuseTimer 0
seta jp_antiAdmAbuseCmdsNumber 10
seta jp_antiAdmAbuseNumberB4Ban 0

////////JA+ MAIN SETTINGS////
seta jp_starTrekTeleport 1
seta jp_allowGodTalk 1
seta jp_inactivityProtectTimer 60
seta jp_noAutoReplier 0

seta jp_autoQUIT "80-06:00" //disallow it if you don't have an autoRestart script

//------Alternate Dimension---------------
seta jp_altDim 2
seta jp_altDimTimer 30
seta jp_altDimInactivityTimer 8
seta jp_altDimName "Alternate Dimension (real ffa, no rules)"
seta jp_primDimName "Primary Dimension"

//--------Clan Tag Protection-----------
seta jp_clanPass ""
seta jp_clanTag ""

//----------Welcome MSGs--------
seta jp_motd "^2Welcome to ^1Hazardous Grounds..^4Rules:\n^1No laming in ^2primary ^1dimension\n^3Have ^2fun\n"
seta jp_motdtime 5
seta jp_welcomeMSG "^5 welcome"

//---------TEam Settings-----------
seta g_teamForceBalance 3
seta jp_teamLock 0
seta jp_allowTeamKill 0

//--------Vote management------------
seta jp_onlyVotingClients 1
seta jp_votesDisable 2014
seta jp_voteTimer 10

//-------Duel Settings----------
seta jp_allowTeamDuel 1
seta jp_endDuelBroadcastMSG 1
seta jp_removeDistanceDuelLimit 1
seta jp_duelStartArmor 100
seta jp_DuelAlpha 50
seta jp_privateDuelForceRegen 50

//-------ITEMS ALLOWED----------
seta jp_pushAll 1
seta jp_giveWP_MELEE 1
seta jp_allowJetpack 1
seta jp_allowFlameThrower 1
seta jp_allowHook 1
seta jp_hookFloodProtect 350
seta jp_hookSpeed 9999
seta jp_allowCloakItem 1
seta jp_cloakFuel 1
seta jp_allowSaberSwitch 
seta jp_allowRGBsaber 1

//------Bad Words Filter----------
seta jp_wordFilter 0
seta jp_wordFilterBan "Bad words"
seta jp_wordFilterNumberB4punish 0

//------PLAYER NAMES------------
seta jp_oldPlayerName 1
seta jp_allowSamePlayerNames 0
seta jp_allowBlackName 1

//-----MODEL SCALE---------------
seta jp_allowModelScale 1
seta jp_allowDmgSpeedScale 1

//-------MOVES & ATTACKS -------------
seta g_debugMelee 1
seta jp_slideOnPlayer 1
seta jp_gripSpeedScale 0.8
seta jp_reduceSaberBlock 0
seta jp_autoDuelBOW 1
seta jp_improveYellowDFA 1
seta jp_jk2RedDFA 1
seta jp_allowNewDFA 1
seta jp_allowSPattacks 1
seta jp_allowSPForces 2
seta jp_allowAmKnockmedown 1
seta jp_allowAmDropSaber 1
seta jp_allowflipkick 1
seta jp_flipkickScaleDMG 1.5
seta d_saberKickTweak 1
seta jp_pushPullKnockDown 1
seta jp_fixRoll 3
seta jp_emotDisallow 0
seta jp_fixEmot 1
seta jp_gripOpenSaber 2
seta jp_forceCombo 1
seta jp_saberNoForceDrain 1
seta jp_noKATA 0
seta jp_fixAbsorb "2.0"

//----NEW ANIMS-----------
seta jp_newGLAAnims 1
seta jp_ledgeGrab 1

//------HIGHLANDER FFA modification---------------
seta jp_highlander 0
seta jp_highlanderMaxForceRank 1
seta jp_highlanderStartingLives 3
seta jp_highlanderFinalDualTimeLimit 2

//------Jedi vs Merc Modification---------------
seta g_jediVmerc "1"

//////Center Screen MSGs//////

//  MSGs displayed at the center of the screen
//  For Broadcast MSG, the %s will be replaced by the name of the player

seta jp_msgBroadcastSleep "%s\n is falling asleep"
seta jp_msgTargetSleep "You are sleeping!"
seta jp_msgAllSleep "You are all sleeping!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastWake "%s\n is waking up"
seta jp_msgTargetWake "You awaken!\n Stop distrub..."
seta jp_msgAllWake "You are all waking up!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastSlap "%s\n has been slapped"
seta jp_msgTargetSlap "You Fly"

seta jp_msgBroadcastSilence "%s\n has been ^5silenced"
seta jp_msgTargetSilence "You are silenced!\n Stop distrub..."
seta jp_msgAllSilence "You are all ^5silenced!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnsilence "%s\n has been ^5unsilenced"
seta jp_msgTargetUnsilence "You can speak!"
seta jp_msgAllUnsilence "You are all ^5unsilenced!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastForceAltDim "%s\n has been sent \nin ^5alternate dimension"
seta jp_msgTargetForceAltDim "You are sent \nin ^5alternate dimension"
seta jp_msgAllForceAltDim "You are all sent \nin ^5alternate dimension"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnForceAltDim "%s\n isn't forced to\nstay in ^5alternate dimension"
seta jp_msgTargetUnForceAltDim "You aren't forced to\nstay in ^5alternate dimension!"
seta jp_msgAllUnForceAltDim "You aren't forced to\nstay in ^5alternate dimension!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastProtect "%s\n is being ^5protected"
seta jp_msgTargetProtect "You get protection!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnprotect "%s\n is losing ^5protection"
seta jp_msgTargetUnprotect "You lost ^5protection!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastEmpower "%s\n has been ^5empowered"
seta jp_msgTargetEmpower "You are ^5empowered!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnempower "%s\n has lost the ^5power"
seta jp_msgTargetUnempower "You lost the ^5power!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastTeleport "%s\n has been teleported"
seta jp_msgTargetTeleport "You have been teleported"

seta jp_msgBroadcastMindtrick "%s\n has been Mindtricked\n he lost his eyes!"
seta jp_msgTargetMindtrick "You have been Mindtricked\n You lost your eyes!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnmindtrick "%s\n has been UnMindtricked"
seta jp_msgTargetUnmindtrick "You have been UnMindtricked"

seta jp_msgBroadcastGhost "%s\n is a Ghost"
seta jp_msgTargetGhost "You become a Ghost"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnghost "%s\n has been Unghosted"
seta jp_msgTargetUnghost "You have been Unghosted"

seta jp_msgBroadcastMerc "%s\n is a Super Merc"
seta jp_msgTargetMerc "You become a Super Merc"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnmerc "%s\n lost Weapons"
seta jp_msgTargetUnmerc "You lost Weapons"

seta jp_msgBroadcastDenyvote "%s\n cannot callvote any more"
seta jp_msgTargetDenyvote "You lost the vote right"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUndenyvote "%s\nis allowed to callvote"
seta jp_msgTargetUndenyvote "You are allowed to vote"

seta jp_alterDMG 0
seta jp_allowSaberTouchDMG 1
seta d_saberSPStyleDamage 1

//-----the following cvars are used only if jp_alterDMG 1-----
seta jp_SaberThrowScaleDMG 1

seta jp_StaffDualSpinAttack  15
seta jp_DualKataAttack  90
seta jp_StaffKataAttackMin  5
seta jp_StaffKataAttackMax  90
seta jp_StaffBackAttackMin 3
seta jp_StaffBackAttackMax 55
seta jp_DualBackAttackMin 3
seta jp_DualBackAttackMax 45
seta jp_StaffDualOtherAttackMin 3
seta jp_StaffDualOtherAttackMax 80
seta jp_StaffDualNormalAttackMin 3
seta jp_StaffDualNormalAttackMax 110

seta jp_SingleStrongNormalAttackMin  3
seta jp_SingleStrongNormalAttackMax  200
seta jp_SingleStrongDfaAttackMin  3
seta jp_SingleStrongDfaAttackMax  330
seta jp_SingleStrongBackAttackMin  3
seta jp_SingleStrongBackAttackMax  90
seta jp_SingleStrongOtherAttack  180

seta jp_SingleMediumDfaAttackMin  3
seta jp_SingleMediumDfaAttackMax  130
seta jp_SingleMediumBackAttackMin 3
seta jp_SingleMediumBackAttackMax  65
seta jp_SingleMediumOtherAttack  110

seta jp_SingleFastLungeAttackMin  3
seta jp_SingleFastLungeAttackMax  55
seta jp_SingleFastBackAttackMin  3
seta jp_SingleFastBackAttackMax  55
seta jp_SingleFastOtherAttack  65

seta jp_SingleKataAttackMin 55
seta jp_SingleKataAttackMax 90
seta jp_StabDownAttackMin 35
seta jp_StabDownAttackMax 90
seta jp_RollStabAttackMin 3
seta jp_RollStabAttackMax 19
seta jp_NewSpinDfaAttackMin 3
seta jp_NewSpinDfaAttackMax 110
seta jp_NewPullAttackMin 3
seta jp_NewPullAttackMax 90

//--------Map Rotation------------------

set m1 "map mp/ffa1;set nextmap vstr m2"
set m2 "map mp/ffa2;set nextmap vstr m3"
set m3 "map mp/ffa3;set nextmap vstr m4"
set m4 "map mp/ffa4;set nextmap vstr m5"
set m5 "map mp/ctf5;set nextmap vstr m6"
set m6 "map hoth2;set nextmap vstr m7"
set m7 "map hoth3;set nextmap vstr m8"
set m8 "map kor1;set nextmap vstr m9"
set m9 "map kor2;set nextmap vstr m10"
set m10 "map mp/ctf1;set nextmap vstr m11"
set m11 "map mp/ctf2;set nextmap vstr m12"
set m12 "map mp/ctf3;set nextmap vstr m13"
set m13 "map mp/ctf4;set nextmap vstr m14"
set m14 "map mp/ctf5;set nextmap vstr m15"
set m15 "map mp/duel1;set nextmap vstr m16"
set m16 "map mp/duel2;set nextmap vstr m17"
set m17 "map mp/duel3;set nextmap vstr m18"
set m18 "map mp/duel4;set nextmap vstr m19"
set m19 "map mp/duel5;set nextmap vstr m20"
set m20 "map mp/duel6;set nextmap vstr m21"
set m21 "map mp/duel7;set nextmap vstr m22"
set m22 "map mp/duel8;set nextmap vstr m23"
set m23 "map mp/duel9;set nextmap vstr m24"
set m24 "map mp/duel10;set nextmap vstr m1"
vstr m1

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Bots never click in at the end of the round unless you're using OJP's TABBots.


Thanx for the imformation. er..BTW, what are OJP's TABBots? lol



change seta g_autoMapCycle 0 with

seta g_autoMapCycle 1


Tried that already and it didn't work, but thanx.

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Tried that already and it didn't work, but thanx.


if you want your nextmap be executed at the end of the game, you have to configure it as i said for sure...

So if it still does not work even with this cvar, it means you also have others problems

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Slider, I think setting g_autoMapCycle 1 makes the game attempt to automatically select the next map based on the gametype. From my understanding, you gotta turn that off if you want to define your own map cycle. I could be wrong, but I use 0 on my servers.


Anyway, TABBots are the new MP bots that I wrote for OJP. They're much smarter than the basejka bots, they click in at the end of rounds, and they're smart enough to play the siege maps intelligently.

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Slider, I think setting g_autoMapCycle 1 makes the game attempt to automatically select the next map based on the gametype. From my understanding, you gotta turn that off if you want to define your own map cycle. I could be wrong, but I use 0 on my servers.


hum that is strange because the last time i tried with the value 0, it wouldn't read the nextmap cvar and it didn't execute nextmap content...


i perhaps missed something else....

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I can't figure this out.. I have jamp.exe in its own folder along with its own base and japlus on my other computer. The base folder has all the assets plus other modded characters and maps, mostly from pcgammods. I also put IFC22.dll and OpenAL32.dll in the folder just incase it needs them. I've generated a new server.cfg and re-generated it, and nothing - still won't auto rotate without someone clicking "ready" on the scoreboard.. With or without the g_autoMapCycle set or not. And since there's only bots with no real client connected, it just hangs.


Once the timer is set, and time runs out, the scoreboard appears and that's it - Shows a "ShutdownGame" in the games.log file after the score list.


maybe I should re-install to see what that does...

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