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KOTOR 3 should be like Oblivion

Mister Chief

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I think that Neverwinter Nights had a good balance between a very engaging story and an open world. You often got several main quest at the same time and had a choice which one you wanted to do in different areas of the area you were in. Also, it had good multiplayer in it. It didn't affect the story at all having another person play co-op with you. Since KOTOR already has a party system it wouldn't be hard to let someone else play one of the other two people. It was also very easy to mod and create your own quests. NWN came out years ago and new quests get released all the time. Imagine people importing campaigns from their paper and pencil Star Wars RPG games.


I would also like more quests that require you to use other party members. I really loved the Dxun/Onderon split where you had to divide your party for two quests that storywise happened concurrently.


I also see no problem with multiple races. Again, in Neverwinter Nights, NPCs reacted differently depending on your race. If you played as an Orc with poor speaking skills, all of your dialogue choices looked like they were being spoken by a four year old. And people would think you were ugly and stupid. That same NPC would be much nicer to you if you were a human with high charisma. Also, NPCs of the same race as you were nicer and sometimes had quests that they only gave to you for that reason. It gave a little extra replayability and encouraged you to play differently and try out the other races and classes to get a different experience.

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As much as I like games with huge freedom I think kotor series should have more restrictions than Oblivion. It helps to maintain the general line of the story. And kotor series, while providing freedom oc choices and even some variants in quests, is mostly a story telling rpg. I would rather have a more interesting story for kotor, than a more freeform adventure.


Freeform style adventure is good, and better if its a star wars one, but not for kotor.

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The main thing i would like to see them take from oblivion would not be the massive world, but the fact the environment is pretty much completly interactable, and you can jump over stuff, take anything. Id like visually stunning worlds... and more a feeling that the worlds/universe is massive, i have to say i would kinda enjoy jus randomly going off exploring on 1 planet - maybe the one u start on, youve crashed say and have to find a way off and theyre are various ways you could do it (eg, steal a ship, earn enuff credits to buy/get transport etc)

I also think you should get DS points for taking stuff that is owned by people...


i think that many improvements to the charachter creation bit is a must! from making a head, to all the abilities you can add in other rpg games.


while i dont mind the combat system, i think 1 swish from a lightsaber must be fatal to annoying animals like kinrath - it annoyed be that id have to to a couple of flurrys to kill them given lightsabers are meant to be unstopable! they should also make the main bosses harder! and if theyre goin to fix a fight and have me run away (revan v malak leviathan, or exile v sion korriban) dont have me kick his ass then run away - either hava a cool epic lightsaber video of it or when my health goes down to a certain level i run off! - personally id prefer the lightsaber fight video i think that could be really cool, think luke v vader ESB


finally, i reckon your party should have say a maximum of 12 slots, but say 20 different charachters you could take along, so your party would then reflect more what your alignment was, eg if your a darkside revan, surly you wouldnt take carth along! so you could then pick up some dark jedi or a strange hermit from an out of the way planet! ;-)

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Answering the thread title: "No. It should be like KOTOR"


Larger levels sound good. Would like a grander scale, but it could mean a lot of wandering. If handled well I'm all up for it, but I wouldn't mind if they stayed the same and just cut the loading times down.


Alien spieces - Non playable = Yes. PC = No. Maybe as a unlockable/downloadable extra but it seems unnecessary to me.


Facial customisation - More variaty is good but I don't mind too much.


Limited Inventory - Nope.


More side quests - Why not. If you don't have to do them then it souldn't be a problem. As long as they stay interesting throughout they make a nice little break for the story.


Improved graphics - It's going to happen if it's on 360.

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I think we all expect KOTOR 3 to be much better than the second I was a bit dissapointed with #2


I know they say it was rushed and all but why? I am a huge Zelda fan and has anyone herd about Twilight Princess Here?


Please use the "edit this" function to the lower right of your posts rather than double-post ;) ~ ChAiNz.2da

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Quoted again for emphasis. What ultimately matters is the story for a game like Kotor. For example, people do think that the interface of K2 is more convenient than that of K1, but how many people are willing to credit the interface when comparing the two? People are still disappointed because K2 has a less fascinating storyline than K1.



Also, it'd be nice to be able to customize the PC, not only the facial features but also bodily features. Even if we can't do that, we should be provided with nicer PC heads, but again beauty is a subjective matter and therefore being able to customize would be best. In fact, among all the selectable male PC heads in K1, only ONE do I find desirable to play as (the one with shoulder-length brown hair), and in K2, NONE. I know it really isn't a huge problem, but maybe girls tend to put more emphasis on aesthetic matters. I really hope that there'll be the customization option in K3.


Robes and armours

Also, robes and armours, they just don't look cool at all in K2. I mean, they make the exile look so fat and bulky; HK could have called the exile "fat one". I mean, Jedi should look slim, agile, toned, with the lightsaber. It's good to look at. Personally I'm quite satisfied with the robes in K1 and I don't know why they had to change them. Maybe it's time the developers learn from our modders and try to put their fingers on what really appeals to the aesthetic sense. BTW, I really appreciate Prime's movie style robes mod, especially the tunics- they REALLY fit. Maybe the developers can lessen the workload of our modders by designing cooler robes and armours in K3?

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posted by revanchow:

Maybe the developers can lessen the workload of our modders by designing cooler robes and armours in K3?

But then thats less work for us to do, I like the fact they make such weird skin designs so we can come along and make them "better" :smash:

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Answering the thread title: "No. It should be like KOTOR"

Quoted for emphasis.


I think the KOTOR planet size is generally good. I did wish Korriban had more to do in TSL, but, other than that, I have been content with the size of the planets. Okay, I admit, on my first playthrough I thought Peragus was taking forever, but that was more because of wandering around alone in this spooky place.


I think the graphics could improve, but I want no part of any changes to the combat system.


The most important way KOTOR 3 should be different from Oblivion is in maintaining the tradition of having a great story that drives the action. If they weren't already games, the stories would have made great books or movies.

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In regards to the enhanced physics idea, /omg

Imagine Force Choke... (or degraded/upgraded versions...)

You use the power, it goes to over the shoulder view of you with you arm outstretched doing the choking hand thingo to your enemy, then you move the mouse with a quick jab to the left, and the enemy flies towards a nearby wall. He hits and and the screen shakes, and he slides down and slumps to the floor.


It probably sounds out of context in a KotOR game, but nethertheless it would be cool if you could use the enviroment to help destroy your opponents...

i.e. if you throw him into a wall, +10 physical damage...

Throw him in to the big force field, +6 Physical damage and +12 Fire damage (force fields burn you dont they? atton said so.... :p)


I think face gen options should really be employed, KotOR 1 and 2 have NO good male heads, and i dont find myself at all attracted by many of the female heads (although if i said i did find them attractive i would be incriminating myself...)

Then again, i couldnt really bring myself to say any of the female characters in oblivion were attractive, mainly due to poor hair options. Males looked cool though.

I think it would be very good to incorperate hair colouring, eye colouring and skin colouring (yay for red eyes!) and face gen options/hair styling options would also be leet, however i can see that this would create problems for dark/light side transitions, which is probably why it hasnt be put in before.


Encumberance sucks IMO, thats all im gonna say about that, and i dont think the levels you described would do much for the KotOR gameplay...

Alien Species would be cool, but i think it would be just another useless gimmick, like we saw in KotOR 2...

In KotOR 2, we saw WAY to many cool little gimmicks, but that were poorly implemented... The new uprgrading/item creation system was cool.. but they didnt spend enough time on it, and as a result it just came across (well to me anyway) as a pointless waste of time, and the fact you could max your lightsaber in terms of lens/projecter etc. pretty much as soon as you got it with the right items (skill modifiying belts etc.) and some high skills...


Side Quests - yes, but too many just piss everyone off... the last thing i want to do when i have a good storyline like KotOR is run around doing a bunch of annoying and pointless sidequests just to get a pair of cool gloves or a sword that will be obselete once i get my lightsaber on the next world...

Guilds wouldnt fit in very well in KotOR i dont think, and would again probably end up being a useless gimmick as i stated before... Unless they were an integral part of the main storyline...


The one thing that is obvious is the graphics, KotOR 3 will have to have good graphics, or it wont appeal to new buyers... One thing we have to remember about MOST games designers is that they are out to make money, NOT impress the fans... its the brutal truth, but everyone needs to make money...


Anyway thats just my perspective on things, but meh...

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Humans rule the SW Universe, so i doubt that there will be other playable races! About side quests in KotOR 2 they were easy and borrrrring, but if they improve then yes why not!

Better facial customization - yes!

Huge levels - no, I don't like to get lost, it makes me angry!

Guilds are not and should not be a part of KotOR!

Limited inventory absolutely NOT!

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Anyone who has played The ELder Scrolls IV: Oblivion knows what I am talking about. No, I am not saying it should be First Person, but the Character cusomization on the game is vey good, along with the epic world size. The Developers should take notes on this game.

Some things I would like to see incorperated from Oblivion:

-Different Species for PC

-Actual Facial customization, not just "choose a head"

-Limited inventory, but if you leave an Item in a box, it stays there

-Level Size (Huge)

-Graphics detail (It looks amazing on 360, and a little bit of "pop in" is worth it)

-More side quests, possibly even groups to join like the guilds



Anyone else think that this game should inspire the other RPG designers out there?


I like this idea. KotOR could use a more organic feel and improved particle effects. In addition, I would like to see a toggle between third and first person perspectives.

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I haven't played oblivion, however I have played morrowind. Anyway lets get on with it.


Different species for PC. Not against it, however the amount of human faces should not be lessened and human should still be available. I've also read something about unlocking, but let's keep the unlocking for consoles. R:TW had the same unlocking rubbish and I just edited the files to play every single faction, including the Senate and the Rebels (Rebels really make for a very different game).


Face finetuning. Like the idea, however it should be done right with enough face models and enough hairmodels. In morrowind you couldn't pick the color and I don't know about oblivion, but I think it would be better that after you pick a haircut you also pick a color and not have the haircut and haircolor tied together. The same applies for the skincolor.


Limited inventory, very bad idea, it takes the speed out of the game. Look at it this way, you have all your stuff on the Hawk, but you don't have to switch back and forth every time you switch items.


Level size, well that depends morrowind had long and open plains with absolutely nothing to do. However if you would attach the area to the next area you won't have much wandering around. On the other hand combining 3 area's into 1 area will also increase the loadtime for each area, wich will cause longer waits when switching back and forth from the Hawk, as well as saving and loading games. With a limited inventory this will cause an even bigger drop in speed.


Graphics, KOTOR's graphics never really bothered me. There are some glitches, but they also make funny pictures (like when you're standing close to somebody and holding a sword or cyan Lightsaber it goes straight to the other character). However lipsynching would be overkill as nobody looks at that anyway. Some wheather effect would be nice, such as the wind effect of the hair, or when somebody farts you see their robes waving for a short time while everybody grabs for their nose making fitting comments.


Guilds would be pointless, you have more important things to do. You can't be bothered with getting yourself involved with a guild. However if somebody gives you a sidequest you can be bothered by looking into it if it's on a planet that you have to visit regardless. Convienently all the missing persons did have the habit of showing up on planets that you had to go to anyway. Such as Dustil who convienently was on Korriban in the Sith Academy instead of say on a mission to Naboo. Or what about Candy's sidequest, his duel was conviniently on Tatooine while it could have been everywhere, like Dxun.

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When I say level size, I don't mean just wide open spaces. I am talking about cities that are seamless, and don't reqire loading, and jungles, that are multi-layered. Starship ports with capital ships landed in them, large scale battles that actually contain armies, (think a better khoonda.) etc.... maybe make the game a little more epic and grand in scale.


Yes!! I love it!! Wanted something similar to this for Final Fantasy Tactics for years, too. And I'm all for the different species choices. Its not like it would force you to not be human. Besides, interspecies dating is kinda kinky. I like it. :xp: Ya know, get the whole Underworld thing going on.

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Different species as PC

Meh, I don't relly see the need for this option, we can mod it if we need to, and being as KotOR is a story driven RPG things like species tend to pop-up as being relavent to the story. What I mean is certain species dislike humans, but have no problem with other species, this could obviously cause another variable in a plot as well as gender and force alignment. Also as far as romance b/w different species I don't think there would be a problem. For example, Kit Fisto and Aayla Secura have been described as having a "close" relationship, also Quinlan Vos and his wife were of different species so it is not out of the question. Brings a question though... are inter-species children able to have their own children... you know cause a mule (donkey/horse) can't (sorry got sidetracked)


Facial/Body Customization

As far as facial/body customization, simple things like hair/eye color would be cool, but I wouldn't want a huge customization system like the things you see on create-a-players for sports games. Things like lightsaber customization were brought up before too, and I prefer the story to be worked on more than an "extra feature".


Limited Items

Yes and no, sometimes I found that my items list got unmanagably huge, but thats most likely my fault for not breaking down items and I did too much mod testing all the time :p


Huge Areas

I think that the size of the planets was adequate inter-planetary travel systems could be used to create a more immeresive type feel to the game, depending on the planet of course. Though something I would like to see is Tatooine and Coruscant, simply because I want to vist Coruscant and see what it looked like in the "Old Republic" and I think Tatooine is just one of those classic Star Wars planets that has a place in any game.


Graphics Upgrade

I have a computer set to tackle anything a game developer can throw at me graphically so I wouldn't mind a graphical advance, but I'd much rather see them work on new and good gameplay elements. Things I can think of off the top of my head, being able to pick up certain placeables with the force, this could be used as a puzzle solver and as an potential attack. Gameplay > Graphics


More Sidequests

No, in fact I'd suggest the opposite, less sidequests, but with more development and having a connection to the sidequest, i.e. something that has to relate with your fellow party members, not something like "hey that guy needs help, let's [LS]Help him!/[DS]Cut his throat and take his credits" Something good, even a cliche thing like, one of your Jedi companions tracking down a failed Padawan of his/her who has gone to the darkside.. blah blah blah. So in short, quality over quantity.



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I don't know how you all can possibly argue AGAINST size. The point of RPGs is to ROLE PLAY. If you were to go to a PLANET, you should be able to explore more than EXCLUSIVELY the MAIN QUEST RELEVANT areas. Seriously, in the event that caps lock didn't communicate what I was trying to emphasize there, you're on a PLANET, meaning something that has millions to billions of inhabitants, probably numerous continents, etc. For you to only be able to wander around 3 map areas which include a grand total of 30 NPCs, of which 8 can actually talk, is just stupid. That's not immersive, and that's not role-playing. And you think that as someone that's literally on a quest to either save/enslave the universe, that it would be BETTER if you had fewer opportunities to hone your skills and gather useful items? And how about having obscure areas where you can encounter NPCs that can join your party or provide you with something useful that you otherwise wouldn't find if you didn't actually bother exploring? Exploring those areas is in no way mandatory, so if you don't want to, you don't have to. On the other hand, if by doing so it would give you and edge, or maybe just more replay value, that would give you an incentive to. Don't have it like Oblivion though, where there's literally a fort, dungeon, cave, or temple every 100 meters, which is just ridiculous. Morrowind had it right- sometimes there really should be nothing on that plain, and you just spent over an hour wandering around it for nothing, but maybe you could have found something/someone really useful.


As to the whole inventory limit thing, I'm all for it. It's kinda ridiculous in any rpg to be carrying around 15 swords, 10 sets of armor, and a whole medley of other items- have you all REALLY thought about that? How about instead, like Morrowind, enemies carry realistic inventories, and can always be looted. Meaning, you kill an armored sith soldier, and you can take any of the things that you see on his person or that he used. The difference is, make the value of those things realistic. In real life, buying a good sniper rifle costs around 2-3 grand, which means if you had 10 good sniper rifles, you could buy a car (or maybe a swoop).... Kevlar costs a lot, so should armor. That way, instead of trying to pick everything off the dead, you can just take the most valuable things and still get your money's worth. And a low level sith infantryman isn't going to have a force mask. Make it so that powerful items can only be gotten through completing quests, or by defeating powerful opponents (how about some powerful foes that aren't relevant to the main quest?), or by spending lots of money. And like Morrowind, for the most part, those items should remain after you've left. So if you only picked up 2 rifles and a couple of grenades, it doesn't matter, because you can return later to their now decomposing corpses to loot them further. If you've got 3 characters, everyone can get something valuable and you won't have any shortage of money or gear.


And something no one has mentioned is skills training, and usage. It would be nice if they did it similarly to Morrowind, where you only advance if you actually use it, or pay someone to train you- how about some useful, unique skills that can't be learned without finding a specific teacher (sub-quests anyone?)? I know that they are unlikely to change the advancement system from that of the previous two titles, so how about modifying it? How about if you start becoming either uber-ds/ls, you are literally RESTRICTED to that dislipline and then universal powers start to cost more (since you're just sooo good/bad)?

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