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Playable Creatures

Genral O

What's your favorite playable creature?  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite playable creature?

    • Jawas
    • Tusken Raiders (sandpeople)
    • Gungans
    • Wookies
    • Genosions
    • Ewoks
    • Wampas
    • Taun Taun(I'm adding this option because you can ride it)

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Which is why its fun to win as them online.


which is an extremely rare occasion, and one to be worried aout happening. and if you do win with them, you can safely say the other side were a bunch of complete and utter n00bs.

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I think my favorite are the Wookies. Though the Wampas are fun to hug the rebels with, but for some reason the rebels always die when I do that. lol. I actually find it more fun to play against the Wampas. I think it is most fun to play as the rocket launcher guy. It's really intense when you shoot a rocket at a Wampa, they jump fifty feet over your rocket, and land right in front of you while you're trying to reload. Then your just rolling all over the place, until you're dead, or you've got another rocket ready. It's even better when you're playing splitscreen on a tiny TV. lol


Tuskan Raiders are cool too.

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