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Do you still play Battlefront II?

Darth Andrew

Do you still play Battlefront II?  

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  1. 1. Do you still play Battlefront II?

    • Yes; I do most of the time.
    • Yes, but only if I'm extremely bored.
    • Battlefront II? Oh, THAT game.... No.
    • No; I've beaten it 100 times already.
    • No; other responsibilities and/or games have replaced Batlefront II.
    • Other (please post)

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I think that he/she means that you throw it higher in the air and it kind of curves, maybe. like this maybe:


BF2: BF1:

---------- 0 H

0----------------0 H 0---------0

0------------------------0 H 0-----------0


That was fun, lol.


EDIT: The diagram didn't work just to let you know, but I'll leave it there so you know that I made an effort. :D

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Still have it, still respect it but don't play it...


I just can't get enough of the original award-winner, SWBF1, which-- to me-- seems smoother, more realistic (like I'm IN a Star Wars movie, and not a cartoon game), and with fewer bugs and technical drawbacks.

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I never play it. Of course, I don't even own a copy. :p Though I was thinking about buying it for PC, as I don't have xbox live.


I'm kind of a newbie (hehe), but I'd say that if you get it from Amazon.com or another place with low prices, it's well worth it. Of course, I didn't play the first one, so I guess I can't say anything. :p


But yeah, SWBF2 is a great game IMO.

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