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A melee mod (hand to hand combat)

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I've been looking around for melee mods and the only ones I've found are ones that also change the entire game, ones that put really crazymoves in, and ones too hard to install. I just wanted to ask if someone could please make a melee mod that has moves you would expect a jedi to be able to do andd other things etc.I kinda want it to be realistic and believable. Like I dont want to be able to walk up to a reborn and then when I start doing an iknowkungfu kata on him rather then him cutting off my hands or force kicking me his lightsaber magically switches off making him vulnerable. Your suppose to fight a lightsaber with a light saber. I just want a should be simple melee mod that maybe has things like being able to make your character put his fists down and up just like switching a lightsaber on and off, reworked punching as in being able to do uppercuts, hooks and just straight punches and stronger punches esspecially for fighting grans (like when granboxers punch you instead of your guy acting like he got hit with a boulder when punched make him be able to stand his ground better),slightly faster kicking, maybe work in a new system for spin and flip kicks, maybe even as a special move let the player trip his opponet and make some new katas. Two more things, maybe make it so you can dodge attacks and block them. And when weilding a lightsaber maybe let us do a few melee attacks like back hands or spin kicks or something. lol, sorry if this isn't very simple at all, just want a good melee mod with nice jedi kungfu karate moves. This would make a great SP mod. Please someone make some kinda melee mod like this. If somebody could please make a MOD like this it would ge great. If you actually consider this THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance!


Melee Master

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