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See, I said the new Indy would suck.


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Posted on Penny Arcade, whom I usually agree with on games:


Indiana Jones – This was the year of procedurally generated content. Every other developer was telling me how instead of having artists and animators create a game for me they figured out a way to make a computer do it. They seem to think this is better but Indiana Jones is a great example of why it’s not. Instead of animating Indy they essentially taught him how to behave and react to his surroundings. They said this was better because it means you’ll never see the same canned animation over and over. What it means is that I see different stupid looking animations all the time though. I’m not sure that’s an improvement. I’ll take God of Wars beautifully animated special moves over Indy looking like some kind of retarded marionette any day.


I picture decent graphics, no story, and machine guns and brawling. Maybe Lucas should make it an Arcade machine instead? Might fit it better.

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