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Republic ARC Troopers?

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Well, I have always been curious about Republic ARC Troopers. I know just about all there is to know about them...except some stuff. Here are my questions:


1. What weapons to they usually carry (besides DC-17 Hand Repeating Blasters)? Wookieepedia calls their rifle a "DC-17a Assault Rifle," but I belive that it is made up (the name).


2. What happened to them after the rise of the Galactic Empire? TK-8252 always answers this questions for me, but there isn't any actual solid evidence behind it (he states that they are sent back to Kamino forever). He states that the Republic ARC Troopers become the "Republic Intelligence Units" that we heard about in RotS. However, it has been evidenced that those are the Republic Null-class ARC Troopers. So, where do the Republic ARC Troopers go? Do they become Imperial ARC Troopers? Or, are they terminated? Or, are they put in stasis? To further this question, what happens to the Republic Null-class ARC Troopers after the Rise of the Empire?


3. BARC Speeders stand for Biker Advanced Recon Commando Speeder, correct? Well, what is a BARC Trooper? Is it just an ARC with extra training? All ARCs know how to pilot just about anything. Earlier, toy manufacturers falsesly claimed that the camoflauged soldiers of the 41st Elite Legion were BARC Troopers, but this is now know to be untrue?


4. What type of armor do the Republic ARC Troopers have? Republic Clone Commandos have Katarn-class Armor, Republic Clone Troopers have just standardized armor. I know that the Republic Clone Commandos do not adopt a Phase II version of their armor, but do the ARCs?



Thanks for taking time to read this post of questions.


- Majin Revan

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