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Greetings. I suppose I'll introduce myself here while I'm at it: Name is Athomus - 14 years old - Interested and Advanced In Witing (For my age group) - Interested in the EU


Well what I'd like to do is attempt to write some fan fictions in any period of time in the EU. As of the last couple of weeks, I've located a period in the EU that doesn't have much specfic history or information so that I can use my creativity and create a more free-form fan fiction.


I have found one time period that seems to be empty on most timelines (TheForce.net is my main reference) which would be after TSL and before Bane. An about 2000 - 3000 year vacantcy I believe.


I would love to begin writing, only I am unsure of many aspics of the EU events around the time just before and after the end of this time period. I would like any serious, important, and nesscary events or data that I could use so I can have less contradictions and fewer errors with what is offical in the EU.


What I am trying to look for here is a sortof "Dos" and "Don'ts" so I can begin writing.


Thanks, Athomus.

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Firstly, welcome Athomus.


That's quite an ambitious undertaking you are embarking on. good luck.


Since you have mentioned you are using TFN, Timetales and the Ultimate Timeline on there are excellent resources. Also dont forget the CUSWE(Unofficial SW Encyclopedia)


The dark horse website also has a comics specific timeline.


As far as do's and donts:


*Seeing the is pre bane, you arent restricted by the rule of two

*Mandalorians are mercenaries by this era, not a warrior race.

*Try stick to SW naming styles. Coming up with a cool name is important for a good story. The best characters always have cool names - Mara Jade, Talon Karrde etc

*No clones or superweapons !

*Feel free to include a character of the same species as yoda, but perhaps make him a bit different to yoda and vrook from KOTOR. for example, a younger more reckless one !

*Be sure you know what "sith" is defined as for this time period. If its not specified, keep it within the parameters of what preceded(the sith army - moreso a military class) and leading up to and beyond bane - an outlook focussing on gaining power through use of the dark side of the force

*have a droid character - they always provide a device for comic relief and stating the obvious, just like 3po and HK-47

*keep chapters short ! I think alot of readers hate long chapters !

*hutts and wookies !

*consider the timing of the story arc. Are you just running it in a linear fashion, are their overlapping arcs, flashbacks ?? All these have their uses depending on what you are trying to achieve.

*Galctic Basic shouldnt include words from earth that are clearly from an earth foreign language.eg. "attack pattern delta" or "i'll meet you at he rendez-vous" These were used in the films but just seem out of place when you think about it

*have someone say "I have a bad feeling about this" :p

*listen to the sw soundtrack when you write...keep you in the right frame of mind !


good luck


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* Twil'leks, preferably female.

* If you have a ship/freighter in the story, name her! Naming her after an avian species is a plus.

* Swear and curse should be in star wars style. It is completely ok to call someone a schutta, or bantha poodoo digger.

* Even if its a jedi/sith focused story, restrict the number of force sensitive characters. the "everyone goes FS" syndrome only happens in the currently decrappified SWG.

* A pet creature might be cool.

* Try not to unnecessarily include self created species, unless its absolutely necessary. Check on places like wookieepedia for species if you want exotic ones.

* Try not to create weird connections to existing characters, I am annoyed by the millions of fanfic people like "anakin's great-great-great-grandpa" or "grandson of Bastila's girlfriend".

* Humor is good, but overdoze of humor becomes stupidity, like JarJar.

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Thanks for the tips guys, this will really help me get a good start on the writing. I don't remember off the top of my head if its the entire (8.8 MB) CUSWE I have DLed in the word format or not, but I do for sure know I have 'an' entire Encyclopedia on my computer. It'll really help out for planet and species suggestions and just about everything else too. :p


I hope to begin the "Brain Storming" and "Plot Outline" of the fanfic after I go through the Encyclopedia and figure out what the story will actualy be about.


Once again: thanks.



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