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Frozen Death

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I'd just like to say "nice wallpapers". I didn't know that the Dark Trooper Phase 1 model had changed so much, it looks awesome now compared with the one in the model screenshots. Who ever modelled it has done really quite an amazing job, and has captured the image of the Dark Trooper Phase 1 very well. It's looking evil for sure, be sending me running in fear again.


After seeing the Dianoga wallpaper, I was wondering if you got it to work in-game yet? Yes, I have had my head in a whole since the last update until a few days ago.


I'd just like to say that you guys are doing an amazing job of this mod, and I'm very keen and excited to be playing through DarkForces again, have you got any idea when the third demo will be out? No rush though, don't want to break your amazing standard as of so far.


I was also wondering if you could get more/updated screenshots of weapons/players/enemies etc as that would also be good to see.

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