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body part models

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I have a map called bespin ruins I am working on. I have looked for help elsewhere but hasn't worked out. All I need is a couple legs or arms or something like that to add to the map to give it a finished touch. When this map is finished I plan on making a version for Jedi Academy as well. Everyone on JK2 1.02 who as seen the map love it. Motf Alehouse wants to run the map 24/7 but it's not finished yet. I would really like a couple simple yet kool models of a few body parts bloodied or not. odd angles or something to looks like they are coming outta the ground or something or crushed by a bolder. I'll give ya a screenie that might help:





I hope to finish it soon. If ya can help that would be awesome. I'll even add your name in the map or you can put a little somethin on the texture for the model or something. Would probally be good if it looked like stock jk2 models or something like for rodian or weequay or lando or something like that. dosen't matter which exactly.


and if ya can help email me at : lil_binger@levelingmechanism.com

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