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Double Fine secret message about new game


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The text in DoubleFine's image on the News page containing "secrets" says "Hundreds of secrets about Double Fine's new game!" repeated ad infinitum. In case you don't know.



I figured this out a couple ways. Using photoshop to change the white and dark levels helps some, and so can using some filters like sharpen or changing the resolution, but it doesn't help much.


More importantly, there are 3 capital letters which are rather distinguishable, and after careful examination one can find that these 3 capital letters repeat themselves in the same patter throughout the entire text.


After distinguishing that, you then have many different places to read the same thing, so that if it is unclear in one place it may be more clear in another.


You can also print the image off, and then try to write in the words. If you use the clues on the screen combined with the print off, you get a better understanding of what it could say and how many words there are and what length they are.


The rest is just guess work.


Also, the book is "The Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" and the title for the image says something about the stack of bills on the desk. I think the kitten is sitting next to a computer mouse too.


This is sort of a double post, but the other post was just a comment on the News page. Thought I should point that out, in case someone else was thinking about it.

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Having gone to all that trouble figuring that out, and then bumping your own thread, clearly you care.


I bumped it...what..3 threads up? Hardly a bump. I didn't go to that much trouble to figure it out. I would look at it for a little while, play with it in photoshop for 5-15 minutes and then quit without saving and changes. I did this about 3 or 4 times and figured out a little at a time. Still, going to the trouble at all, just to have no one respond is kind of humbling, to put it lightly.


Did you post this in the Psychonauts forums? They'd probably enjoy it.


Yes, but not in it's own thread. You can find it at http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2093996&postcount=87

and no, no one seemed to care much there either. I could probably have created a thread of it's own, but after reading all the responses for the original thread, it didn't really seem worth it.


Sent an e-mail to doublefine too. No response. I guess it just proves that I should be finding better uses of my time.

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