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"Hey Down There... Could You Give Me A Hand With This?"

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I've been hosting SWBF1 online through my PC with the 1.2 update, and my wishes to host through a server have FINALLY been offered to me, now... only it's with the 1.3 update.


I've never used a server before, and Im not very computer-saavy, so I'm really hoping you can help me out with your knowledge and experience...


1) What are the differences between hosting (through a server) with the 1.2 update, and hosting (through a server) with the 1.3 update?


~(If you wish to post the differences in GAMEPLAY between the 1.2 and the 1.3 updates, your input is gladly welcomed, but I ask that you post them on this other thread, as I'd like to keep THIS thread, here, devoted exclusively to server-administration concerns)~


2) What are the benefits of hosting games through a server as opposed to hosting through my PC, here at home?


I'm serious in my efforts to help facilitate the growing revival of SWBF1, and it's important for me to know how I can connect with the most gamers, for the biggest games, with the least amount of difficulty.


ANY help to further my (our?) goals would be greatly appreciated.

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Just digging through some old threads......

Well, I could not resist the Bueller reference, LOL.


On number 1: There are NO differences in hosting 1.2 vs 1.3. Except that only players with the SAME version can play on your server.


On number 2: That has a multi tiered answer.

First, a dedicated server is much more stable and can be on 24/7 with no real ill effects. It has it's own version of Battlefront to work with.

Second, and I guess even third, when you host from a home computer, you have two choices....."PC Dedicated" or just "PC".

.........In "PC Dedicated" you can't play on the computer that's hosting. You need an entirely different computer to do so. But the connection is more reliable. And if someone doesn't have the map being played, they'll simply be kicked from the game. Others will continue to play unaffected.

........In "PC", a problem with ANY player, MAY show up on others' computers. Players who don't have the map being played, MAY be simply kicked. Or they may CRASH the entire game. Of course, however, you CAN play from that computer.

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I could not resist the Bueller reference, LOL.
Glad to know that actually played a role in getting an answer!




Thanks for answering, John Locke.


As you may (or may not) know, the server I was offered never came through. In early June, when I first made the post here, I assumed the offer that was made to me on the forum of The New Renaissance was genuine. Though the person has disappeared, never to be heard from since.


I had suspected that the game crashes I was having were likely from fellow gamers attempting to join the game WITHOUT having all the mods installed properly. Your informative reply gives some validity to my suspicions. Thanks.

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