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Sith Assassin Request


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Let me start off right now by apologizing with the Ep.III clone armor thing,i only repost them after a long period of time because i assume the forum deletes old posts. Secondly i dont know if this has been said before or not but here it goes, can someone make it so that you can put on the sith assassin robes and look like them, i know there is already one in pcgamemods for KotorII but for some reason it doesnt work for me, whenever i put them on the game freezes and exits. And this is for KotorII.

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It could crash because your appearance.2da doesn`t have proper entries (I too learned hard way about it).

This is "standard" (worn by assassins on Peragus) assasin robe from my mod:



Ups, Dark_Jedi_Low_Male_01 was not quite right...

Fixed, now works fine, at least on "clean" (only those two files) override folder on my computer.

As long as you use this appearance.2da it should work with other mods.



Use KSE to put it in your save game, or giveitem command.

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theres too many to name,

Then the only answer I can give is... :giveup:


i was just asking if there is a known mod out there that can conflict with this one

That isn't how it works, you are going to have to list the mods you are using if you want any sort of help. There are a bunch of mods that could be the culprit here.


So....... What mods do you have installed?


*Hey! Put down that hatchet!* :hatchrun:



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