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General information — read before posting!

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The Help & Feedback forum is for requesting help with LucasForums, reporting bugs, complaining about persistently troublesome users, asking for things such as name changes, etc. In other words, anything related to LucasForums itself.


It is not a place to request help with anything related to computer hardware, software, operating systems, internet and networking, etc. For that, see the General Tech Discussion forum which is found beneath Community Discussion on the LucasForums front page.


If you've got problems with a specific LucasArts game or LFNetwork website, please post it in the relevant forum or get in touch with the website's staff. The LucasForums Help & Feedback forum is not an appropriate place to seek help with specific games or websites, with the notable exceptions of LFNetwork.com and LucasFiles.


Summary of the LFNetwork and LucasForums:


The LFNetwork is a large network that hosts websites covering most of LucasArts' games, and more recently games developed by those who previously worked at LucasArts. LucasForums is what you're looking at now, and is a network of unique communities that each have their own rules, members, and atmospheres. In most cases, each community on LucasForums has a corresponding LFNetwork website that can be reached by clicking on its header image.


Rules on LucasForums:


Although one group of administrators and super moderators looks after the whole forum network, each individual community found on the front page has its own moderators who govern and enforce its rules. Don't assume that what's acceptable by one community's moderators is acceptable by another's. However, be aware that repeatedly disturbing one community can result in ejection from the entire network.


With all that said, do enjoy your stay and hopefully we'll see many great posts from you! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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