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Post 'em if you got 'em. (Picture thread = 56k Warning)

El Sitherino

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You have problems. Your guitar is awesome, by the way. What brand is it?


Im flattered.


Its a Yamaha Compass Series. They only made about 200 or so, which is why is cost me (and my parents :p) a buttload of cash. It's nice though, I like the shape and the mother-of-pearl inlay on the fretboard and around the whole thingy.

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Weird. You look like you've aged ten years since your last pics.


That's alcoholism for you!




Just kidding, he actually just feel asleep reading >.>




Phew, good thing you censored your license plate because sooner or later one of us would use it to find where you live and.... well.... do nothing actually. :xp:


Yeah, we're all a bit too lazy to stalk people here.

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Here's some pics my dad took from my football game at Ford Field yesterday.



I play defensive end.



I hate being on kickoff return team, and special teams in general.



The team after the big win over our rivals in the 'Catholic League Classic'



The Irish singing the fight song :D

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