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Get your podcast on!

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Hey everybody, popcorn2008 checking in to let you guys all know (in case you dont read the holonet news ) that Petroglyph has started a new community project entitled The Commune, where ordinary fans like me and you can create our own Empire at War podcast and even have them on Petroglyph's home page!


I've already set up my own podcast, "popcorn's podcast" here: http://natealvarado.googlepages.com


As long as you got a mic you can do it as well! Just get yourself a free website or blog, and record your podcast. Petroglyph has some great guides at their commune home page as well (very VERY useful!) check out the commune's home page here: http://www.petroglyphgames.com/community/commune.php


And get your podcast going!

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