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Custom Commando Project

Darth Hyukan

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Hi i love what you can do to thses and would love if you can make me one please


1. Ghost

2. Sniper/black and dark green

3. DC-17m-sniper attachment

4. your choice

5. light green visor/night vison(with grey helmet with dark green(but visible) camo(creeping down form the upper left side) grey chest plate with same camo(creeping from right this time) black shoulder and elbow pads ,grey bicep and lower arms scratch marks on the chest plate black knee pads and boots, grey legs camo(same style of camo on the right upper leg creeping down to the lower right leg)


if you could do that it would be great thx




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1.Thrasher...i think that name was taken, but what the hell, screw the guy that did that, haha.

2.I black-red-vermillion camo pattern

3.Anti-Armor would be preferable...but the DC-17m is all right


5. want him to really stand out, you know? like...you know those dudes with the chainguns in BF2? except black...but whatever. if you could use scorch's model, his anti-armor things at the back could pass for a jet pack if painted right. it'd also be cool if you could get a mythosaur skull on his shoulder... bullet holes and burns should not be used moderately (basically, knock yourself out. use those a lot). here's a skull right here:mandskullbr4.th.jpg

all right. that's it i think... thanks!

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dude all you have to do is shrink it with paint. but i will do it. and i will make thrasher next. and what scorch model i don't have one. if you do, please post it! and by stand out like chain-gun troopers, do you mean like have one of their kamas (skirts)? and do you want a jetpack (cause if you do i will need a scorch model)?


and here is Ghost 2.0 in all his 100x100 glory (which i think is avatar size):




and 80x80 in case i am wrong



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four things: one, try not to double post just use the edit button. two, thanks for offering the scorch pic just go to imageshack.us and host the image by finding it on your computer and pushing Host It or whatever it is. does it look like the commandos ive been drawing? (otherwise it will be more difficult to use on my pics). and three, what jetpack looks nice? and four, you like psalms? here's a pic i made which is part of my signature on the diseasedproductions forum i belong to:



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ummm, i never knew that the HK-MP5K made that much of a muzzle flash. haha. but i was thinkin, if someone went spectator one a multiplayer game, found someone that had a scorch model, why not just take a screenshot of them and edit the screenshot so there isn't a HUD and all you see is the dude? could that work? i wouldn't know cuz i have a slow computer and i get a "bad pool header" every time i play for, like, 15 minutes, haha. oh, and for the chaingun dudes, i meant the color to stand out. cuz you can't really miss a chaingun dude cuz he's so damn colorful

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well i used a thing-thing creator program to make the little guy on the creator has a uniform flash that obviously belongs to some gun a lot bigger. i know, i've shot an HK-MP5/10 (on all settings :)!!!) and it has more of a flash than the K. and hey i'm proud of you, knowing what it is. you could do what you were saying, and i was just thinking about it, but what about taking the screenshot when you are customizing the character? i will start on thrasher when i finish my homework

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2. Black and gray, a bit darker than it is now. However it looks good.

3. Blaster

4.No thanks.

5. Once you have black and dark gray in place, I'd like you to try to use the red design from Sev's armor(maybe there're better pictures of it) only make it gold on AjaX. Almost like gold blood, if that design on Sev is supposed to be blood. >.>


Also, can you put one of those skulls where it is on this commando: http://img480.imageshack.us/img480/2775/ninerbattledamaged8ah.png

Make that brown.


Other than that, batter him up with whatever scratches, scrapes, cracks, and blaster marks you like. Make it nice and grungy.



Let's see how it turns out. Just so you know, no one has been able to do this yet. Are you up to the challenge? =D

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ok five things, one is all those qus. to me? two, if so your welcome, three, how many jet-packs are there? four, you draw them? i thought you just fixed them up on your computer, five, yes i like psalm a LOT, of course everyone can see my signature so why am i typing this???

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