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Custom Commando Project

Darth Hyukan

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no you have to put the forum link from imageshack on one of your posts or we can't see it and TRIPLE POST PLEASE EDIT NOT POST AGAIN OR THE ADMINS WILL COME AFTER YOU


here is this guy i don't really like him tell me what to fix




i personally made it bright because i thought thats what you meant by stand out... i guess thats why i dont like it because i hate it when a commando's camouflage makes him less camouflaged then he was in the first place.




here's my first shot at AjaX... whats should i make better on him?

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Ooh, thanks dude, that's beast.



Just a couple things:


Could you make the visor less... vivid. Maybe make it a bit more gray?


It looks like there is a little green on the bottom of the blue part and on the left shoulder blade. If you can get rid of that, it would be cool. No biggy though.


And could you darken the triangle above the left eye, like on the other side.




Thanks though, really great job.

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make him a little more monochramatic...and no, i can't do the screenshot thing cuz my computer's too slow to run RC...or any decent game for that matter... pisses me off. but anyway, sorry to be so critical, there aren't enough damages on that guy! haha. but yeah, a little more monochramatic, and more graphic (as in blood). but if they made RC2, hell, i'd take the first version of him any day.


Scorch is on imageshack now, so anyone who needs it, it is now avalable(no comments about my spelling ok?)


can you by any chance, um, let's see...post it?! haha. please and thank you.

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okay here is darmans request:


1. Helmet to be navy blue with a / of light blue thru it and with a standred visor.

2. Arms half dark blue, half light blue, legs same as arms.

3. name-Sorak.

4. if you want to put a psalm thats fine.

5. was that all?


and sorry dude im not good at adding damage i will try but it will take a while. i will turn the visor the same color as the blood and then make it grey-ish




here is AjaX








you didn't specify what you wanted the chest to look like, so i assumed like the arms.

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woohoo! the edit's frickin beastly. i love it. yeah, darman's right. start making a line of these. some parts of the armor you'd think he painted it himself, but others, like the sides of the torso, looks covered in blood. too bad hyukan's not here anymore. his style was really good too.

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