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Star Wars Battlefront III - Supah Thread! [Retired]


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i would have it like this:

SKY TROOPERS (they look like butterflies)

I like that idea. An entire battle in the sky w/ jetpacks? Pretty sweet concept, and maybe a longer fuel lasting time, so longer flight?


@gamacrab: Dammit mate, beat me to it! :p

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I think maybe along those lines, some like "space marine" sort of guy who could jump out of a ship above a cap ship and either repair or sabotage to get inside. He would have like a minutes worth of air before he had to get in either a room in the cap ship taht doesnt have a gaping hole in it or get in another ship. Then his air tank would refill like a jet troopers jet pack. As a customizable thing, the trooper could opt to take out grenades or something like that for 2 air tanks

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A lot of these ideas, such as this:

If you have the rank of general you should be able to control the whole army.

And this:
What would be cool is if you could customize the colours/appearence of your side.
would work better with an RTS game. We have EaW for that.
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I do agree to those earlier suggestions that it should be like WAR.... you know, with actual ARMY TACTICS... instead of each AI just running around on its own.


Screw that, i still go rambo style whenever i play AA or RS3 ;)

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i would have it like this:

with the clone diary thingy (you are one person) SO CUSTOMIZE YOUR ARMOR AND ALL THAT


better weapons

more maps (expanded universe)

landed star destroyers on land maps (base)

ummm...sea battles (probably wont work)

SKY TROOPERS (they look like butterflies)

new faction (light side, dark side and shadey side, smugglers and all that)

better command options (like republic commando)

more heros

more ships

unit formations

more units

more AI


oppertunity objectives


and all that

Very good ideas MITCHENATOR.


I would like to see bigger maps like the maps in Operation Flash Point, that game had huge maps that was 100km^2 scale maps.

The new sequel to that game will have 400km^2 scale maps or larger.


I would like to fly in huge space maps that have like 10 or 30 ships in battle a once.

I want to be able fly trough the atmosphere of planets to attack ground targets from space as a option.


That's it for now!


I will like the flying to be more like the Rogue Squadron series.

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I would like to see bigger maps like the maps in Operation Flash Point

thats such a great game, i play it all the time on x'live nowadays. i think it takes 40 minutes of continous running/hobbling from one end of one of the maps to the other.

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I would like to see a "MMO" server taht rotates planets every week. The planets maps would be HUGE(ie, it would take a fighter 20 mins to get from 1 end to the other at full speed. The battle would last until one team won or the end of the week and then the map would be put at the end of the planet list. Some battles would be WW1 style trench warfare with groups charging out and slowly advanceing, others would have one side be a hit and run ambush sort of team and the other team would have to advance a huge convoy through a long and winding narrow forrest road. Another mode would be a siege where one team defends a huge fortress on land with maybe 1 frigate and a hanger on land while the other team starts with 6 cap ships, 2 normal frigates and 5 siege frigates that fire down. The last mode would have the sides fighting in space over an abbandoned space station, first a hole would have to be cut into a room with airlockable doors, then the rooms would be taken one by one, some missing gravity until you reach the control center. Stray missles and lasters could blast holes in the space station and the room(s) hit would loose oxygen(but droids would still die to make it fair) The fight would end once the space station was totaly taken and its main gun had loaded up for say 5 minutes(if and CP lost in station, the timer would restart), the gun would blow up the enemy cap ship

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i would like to see more units, space, land and hero...

Space: More capital ships, frigates/corvettes, fighters

Land: More iinfantry units, more vehicles (like the Juggernaut)

Hero: Qui-Gon, Lando, Mara Jade, Baron Fel, hero ships (space obviously)

Larger battles, size, number of units, freedom, etc

More planets(it is a big galaxy), campaign (for each faction), galactic conquest (pick planets, more customisation, etc)

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i think the controlls in SWBFII were too lose (hard to manuver). i also think they could improve on hoth and endor (especially). i feel like on hoth you have to travel aroundto much to get the action and i just dont care much for endor. its too much like hoth (lots of space/not alot of action) and ive always had a hard time actually seeing the enemy untill theyre on top me in while playing on endor.

i belive there would alos be soome lightsaber battles in 3.

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Here is what I think that should be added in SWB3 1). More AI units on the field at once

2). More ground vehicles like the Clone Turbo Tank,the IFT-T,the AT-AP,ect.

3). More starfighters and capital ships out at once

4). Larger interior in capital ships

5). Actually be able to destroy capital ships.

6). More ground and space maps

7). Smarter AI units(military-like trained)

8). Better lightsaber combat

9). One thing I found disturbing in SWB2 is that the Clone Commanders carried bullet guns,and certain vehicles and turrents shot out bullets. I thought that ruined part of the Star Wars feeling. I think that all infantry,vehicles and turrents should have laser weapons in SWB3.

10). More command options for commanding troops

11). Fully destructable 3-D enviornments

12). Available space vehicles in ground maps

13). One more thing I think should be included in the game is that actually being able to attack the Death Star I and II.

14). More new starfighters like the B-Wing,the Naboo Starfighter,and the heroes vehicles like Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator,Han Solo's Millenium Falcon,

Darth Vader's Tie Advanced,Jango Fett's Slave 1,and Anakin's and Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter

15). More heroes like Plo-Koon,Adi Galia,Qui-Gon Jinn,ect.

16). All the maps that were in SWB1,that was not included in SWB2 should be included in SWB3.

17). And finally for a bonus there should be maps,infantry,vehicles,and heroes from the K.O.T.O.R. series.

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KK this is my second go at saying what i would like to see in the new game....


some sort of player advancment such as create a players and alter their attributes such as speed, accuraccy etc... which can all be improved as the player gains experince and gets higher ranks.


Also possibly picking up items of people you have killed like looting them..to find better gun add ons liek scopes or amoo canisters which hold more ammo. then you can carry these throughout the campaign.


last idea...when biggining gsme you start with basic weaponry and cloths but as you loot in the levels and increse your rank you can upgrade or find new clothing and weaponry such as caped, boots, hats etc..

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