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Star Wars Battlefront III - Supah Thread! [Retired]


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KK this is my second go at saying what i would like to see in the new game....


some sort of player advancment such as create a players and alter their attributes such as speed, accuraccy etc... which can all be improved as the player gains experince and gets higher ranks.


Also possibly picking up items of people you have killed like looting them..to find better gun add ons liek scopes or amoo canisters which hold more ammo. then you can carry these throughout the campaign.


last idea...when biggining gsme you start with basic weaponry and cloths but as you loot in the levels and increse your rank you can upgrade or find new clothing and weaponry such as capes, boots, hats etc..

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the looting concept has already been discussed. It was decided that it would lead to Tking, less importance on classes, and overpowering. Some of the crazy guys didn't seem to think that even mattered, though. Not most. Also I'm not sure that cape or shoe upgrades would have any practical application, but actually to me it sounds like it would still be a very cool and fun athstetic thing. I upgrade to a different cape...

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KK this is my second go at saying what i would like to see in the new game....

Good post!


A ranking system like BF2/BF2142 certainly has its disadvantages, especially for a game that wouldn't be so popular at all. It would be better to have several FPS servers rather than a game that wants to be an MMO.


Ranked servers also means mods won't be popular, and that is something the SW community loves doing ;)

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hmm what im tryin to say by the clooths upgrade is that if you watch the movie the rebel troopers al seem different but in the game each class is identical like the snipers all seem to be female and the soldiours all have he same co,our tops and same backpacks on....it would make the game more realstiic if all troops were different and you could mould your own soldour you made into something you wnated .

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Just something I was thinking about while playing this evening, critical systems should be harder to destroy/disable, by either being more complicated or having more health, OR they should be less points for destroying them. So that dogfighting is more desirablbe, from a points point of view.

Also the particualars of this game that we express we want aren't as important as how overall the company approaches the project. They have to take more time on it. There's nothing for it. If they do that, it will be better, period, and people will like it, but if not, than it would be a flop. We all would have liked it if they'd have spent more effort on I and II.

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I was searching across the internet and I saw that they are actually going to produce a SWBF III and it's going to be made by Free Radical, the creators of the Timesplitter series. YES!! It will be released on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and off course everyone's favorite, the Personal Computer!! I better start saving money to buy a PS3. Here in Holland it's yet going to be released in March 2007...I heard...so I've got enough time to gather money.

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Hmm, March next year. I don't know this sort of thing (not a video game freak) so is that a fair amount of time to spend on a video game??


oh and lots of people see this so go visit my mod rating thread updated every friday so it has more hits sorry i wont do this again

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These are the things I want to see in Battlefront 3.


- 1st person view in vehicles

- more maps from the movies like Cloud City , Naboo Plains , Dune Sea

- at least 2 capital ships in space battles

- a melee class troop

- a security class troop specialized in defending cps

- an admiral class in space thats like the commander class on the ground

- heros for npcs like Chief Chirpa of the ewoks

- bigger maps

- more troops on each side

- underwater maps like Mon Calamari

- heros in space

- ships made especially for heros

- a campaign mode for the rebels

- add more heros

- more turrets and artillery like the E-WEB

- a bigger assortment of things you can construct with a build plate

- kill enemies with the fusioncutter / cut battle droids in half

- destroy more

- be able to go prone

- return starfighters to land maps

- make an attacker class starfighter

- the shock trooper looked like a sandtrooper last time, it should look like a normal stormtrooper this time

- allow the player to fly the frigates and capital ships

- make a suppot class like ship in space

- able to destroy the shield bunker

- make a stamina replenishing droid and bring back vehicle repair droids

- a mode where you play as a creature like the sarlaac and the acklay

- give more weapons to npc classes like bows to the ewoks

- melee attacks like are in so many 1st person shooters

- make a Cato Nemoidia and Saleucami map

- give ground heros special vehicles only they can pilot

- hide behind a wall like in metal gear solid and jump out to shoot

- when playing on a factions home planet they get an extra garrison

- terminals in base cps that allow to call in orbital strikes , bombing run

- make space battles more intense and have wingman commands

- engineers could build barricades

- engineers could have portable build plates


About the melee attack. How about if you had a unique one for each unit. the rebel soldier could stab with a bayonet, the stormtrooper could kick,

the clone trooper could punch and the SBD could swipe with its hand. An SBD was seen wiping out a damaged battle droid in Episode 2 with a swipe.


Snipers should be given their recon droids back. The orbital strike should be avaiable again but still have the self destruct. The CIS should get a buzz droid and the empire should get the Hoth probe droid while the Rebels and Republic keep the basic ones.

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These are the heros, infantry and vehicles that would be cool to have in BF 3.


Soldier - Rebel Soldier , Stormtrooper / Clone Trooper , Super Battle Droid


Commander - Rebel General , Imperial Commander / Clone Commander , Droid Commander


Sniper - Rebel Captain , Scout Trooper / Clone Captain , Assassin Droid


Demolishon - Rebel Vanguard , Shock Trooper / ARC Trooper , Assault Droid


Engineer - Rebel Mechanic , Walker Pilot / Clone Engineer , Engineer Droid


Security - Rebel Trooper , Imperial Officer / Clone Shock Trooper / Security Droid


Melee - Jedi Warrior , Dark Trooper One / Clone Assassin , Magnaguard


Stealth - Bothan Spy , Imperial Spy / Recon Trooper , Chameleon Droid


Special - Wookie Warrior , Dark Trooper Two / Jet Trooper , Droideka


And for space...


Pilot - Rebel Pilot , TIE Pilot / Clone Pilot , Droid Pilot

Marine - Rebel Marine, Imperial Marine / Clone Marine , Droid Marine

Admiral - Mon Calamari , Imperial Admiral / Jedi Overseer , Nemodian Captain


Gunner - Rebel Gunner , Imperial Gunner / Clone Heavy Gunner , Droid Gunner

Exterior - Rebel Infiltrator , Spacetrooper / Skytrooper , Air Battle Droid





Rebels - Luke Skywalker , Hann Solo , Chewbacca , Princess Leia , Ben Kenobi

Yoda , Lando Calrissian


Empire - Darth Vader , Emporer Palpatine , Lord Vader , Commander Appo ,

Grand Moff Tarkin , Boba Fett , Greedo


Republic - Obi-Wan Kenobi , Mace Windu , Yoda , Kit Fisto , Ki-Adi-Mundi ,

Aayla Secura , Plo Koon


CIS - General Grievous , Darth Maul , Count Dooku , Darth Sideous ,

Nute Gunray , OOM-9 , Jango Fett


Space - Admiral Ackbar , Wedge Antillies

Admiral Piett , Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker , Commander Odd Ball

Daultay Dofine , General Grievous




Speeder - Rebel Speederbike , 74-Z / BARC Speeder , STAP

Tank - Combat Landspeeder , IFT-X / IFT-T , AAT

Walker - AT-PT , AT-ST / AT-RT , Homing Spider Droid

Mobile CP - Personell Transport , AT-AT / AT-TE , MTT

Creature - TaunTaun , Dewback / Kaadu , Geonosian Creature


Scout - A-Wing , TIE Interceptor / Jedi Interceptor , Tri Fighter

Fighter - X-Wing , TIE Fighter / ARC-170 , Vulture Droid

Attacker - B-Wing , TIE Advanced / Jedi Starfighter , Scarab Starfighter

Bomber - Y-Wing , TIE Bomber / V-Wing , CIS Strike Bomber

Transport - Lambda Shuttle , Theta Shuttle / LAAT , MAF Gunship

Support - Rebel Transport , TIE Shuttle / Command LAAT , C7977 Transport

Frigate - Corellian Corvette , Victory 2 / Acclamator , Banking Clan Ship

Capital - Mon Calamari Cruiser , Star Destroyer / Attack Cruiser , Cruiser


Others - Hailfire Droid , Ewok Glider , Armoured Tank Droid , Nemodian Shuttle

Wookie Ornithopter , AT-XT , Aiwha , Geonosian Starfighter

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A few things I would like in SWBF III for the Clone Wars are the following:

I am a Clone Wars fanatic, so you won't find anything regarding the GCW, but do not fear! All changes stated here are also GCW-compatible


Republic Infantry (Land Battles).

I think that which color markings the clones wear should be the choice of the player. I get sick of ONLY playing the 501st Legion:

-9th Star Corps.(Regular Clones with no color markings)

-212th Batallion, my favorite...The Clone Division that was sent to Utapau with Obi-Wan(You know...the yellow/orange clones)

-501st Legion, everybody knows them...

and a few I can't remember...Now on to the Infantry Classes.

-Republic Soldier- Normal Clone Trooper, should be able to switch to Commander Beehive-like armor

-Republic Sniper- Normal Clone Trooper

-Republic Rocketeer- Normal Clone Trooper

-Republic Engineer- AT-RT Pilot armor.

-Republic Commander- Should diver depending on the battlefield the player is currently attacking/defending OR random

A new Class,the Republic Melee Unit- Clone Assassins as seen in ROTS game, with block-like function but if used will evade melee attacks instead of blocking them for certain time. Built-in Vibro-Blades on each arm. Increased sprint stamina. Should be able to block saber-attacks

-Republic Special Unit- Shadow Clone, with jetpack and repeater. and ability to become invisible like the Bothan Spy currently can.


CIS Infantry (Land Battles).

-CIS Soldier- Normal Battle droid with no markings (able to switch to SBD).

-CIS Sniper- Normal Battle droid with no markings.

-CIS Rocketeer- Also, Normal Battle droid with no markings.

-CIS Engineer- Normal Battle droid with blue markings and no backpack.

-CIS Commander- Normal Battle droid with yellow markings and no backpack.

-A new class: CIS Melee Unit- Magnaguard (able to switch to one with a cape or one without cape). fast, agile, not able to block laserfire but fast enough to evade it or to jump out of the way and kill enemy trooper in two hits. Must be able to block saber attacks from jedi.

-CIS Special Unit- Destroyer Droids that shoots two blasts from each arm like they do in the movie. Reduced fire rate


Republic Vehicles.

More different classes for the vehicles.

-Republic Scout-

BARC Speeder

-Republic Light Vehicle-


Clone Swamp Speeder

-Republic Medium Vehicle-


FT-130 S Fighter Tank

-Republic Heavy Vehicles-


Clone Juggernaut

-Republic Command Vehicles-




CIS Vehicles.

More different classes for the vehicles.

-CIS Scout-



-CIS Light Vehicle-

Dwarf Spider Droids

Crab Droids


-CIS Medium Vehicle-

Octuptarra Droid/ Tri Droid(MAN!! I love those towering Tri Droids!!)

Homing Spider Droid

Tank Droid

Hailfire Droid

AAT, one that can fire rockets and shells from its hover. Red laser for the Main Gun.


-CIS Heavy Vehicle/Command Vehicle-

MTT, there's no other choice...


Capital Ships.

-Battery Guns at the side of the Capital Ships, should recieve attack bonus while used by a allied Gunner class unit

-the Trade Federation Battery should be included(the one with four cannons)

I'd like more different frigate-like ships:

-CIS Recusant Class Destroyer

-CIS Munificent Class Star Frigate(the RIGHT size!)

-CIS Lucre-Hulk Class Battleship


Republic Infantry(Space).

-Republic Pilot- Commander Oddball-like armor

-Republic Marine- Normal Clone Trooper

-Republic Gunner- Normal Clone Trooper, should recieve attack bonus while using a Battery Gun

-Republic Security- Normal Clone Trooper, should recieve health bonus while still in a allied Capital Ship "securing"


CIS Infantry(Space).

-CIS Pilot- Normal Battle droid with blue markings and no backpack

-CIS Marine- Normal Battle droid with no markings

-CIS Gunner- Same as CIS Pilot, should recieve attack bonus while using a Battery Gun

-CIS Security- Normal Battle droid with red markings and no backpack, should recieve bonus while still in a allied Capital Ship "securing"


Republic Fighters.

-GR Fighter- V-Wing

-GR Heavy Fighter- ARC-170 Starfighter, should have at least two positions:

One that flies and is able to fire the main cannons on the wings and that can fire missiles.

One that uses the turret in the back.

-GR Bomber- Dunno...but please! NOT the V-Wing!

-GR Transport- LAAT/i, should be able to carry more passengers for better boarding parties.


CIS Fighters.

-CIS Fighter- Vulture Droid Starfighter

-CIS Heavy Fighter- Tri Fighter(with buzz droid missiles that work like the virus the current magnaguard can spread: when it hits, it will continously damage your ship for a certain time.

-CIS Bomber- Dunno...but please! NOT Grievous's Starfighter!

-CIS Transport- HMP Droid Gunship that shoot laser shots instead of the composite laser it shoots currently from its main cannon.


I don't really have anything to say about heroes...the're fine, except more would be nice...and mabye random heroes, instead of assigned heroes.


Also, the Capital Ships should be given a REAL interior, one where you can get lost in, but that would probably shrink our chances of moving capital ships in the battlefield. And more interior hardpoints:

-Hangar Shield Terminal- That deactivates the shields in the hangar, which when destroyed, sucks all troops currently in the hangar into space. Like in ROTS.(repairable)

-Four Power Generators- The ships are divided into four parts, when you destroy the PG in that part of the ship, the turrets shut down(in that part of the ship) and other things will shut down...

-Bridge Security Terminal- Starts broken, when repaired, bridge will be locked down and you will not be able to enter the bridge anymore. Then you can only destroy it from the outside.

-Life Support- When LS is destroyed, units will spawn with half of their health and lose health over time while in the ship.


Other Modifications to Capital Ships.

-When bombing the ships from the outside, it would be cool if you actually hurt troops on the inside near your bomb's impact location

-Varying Pilotable Heavy Turrets- Pilotable Heavy Turrets that vary with each faction:

CIS- Trade Federation battery(the one with four cannons)

GR- The current Heavy Turret, which is originally installed on Venator Class Star Destroyers


Galactic Conquest:

I`'d like the ability to "choose" a certain legion(for the Republic) like stated earlier, before starting GC. It would also be nice to research additional capital ships and when the research is complete, to be able to buy them as additional capital ships in your fleet starting from the first, low-tech class to the highly advanced class:

-Frigate (Acclamators, Munificent Class Star Frigates)

-Cruiser (Recusant Class Destroyers, Venator Class Star Destoyer)

-Battleship (Lucre-Hulk Class Battleships)

And if you can upgrade your ships:

-Increase the fire rate of the Turrets

-Empower the shields

-"Harder-to-Conquer Command Posts"

-Better Training for your pilots

these and more kind of upgrades and advancements etc...However, I think that what the people really want in GC is some sort of Empire at War-like Galactic Conquest. Man..that would be fun...


This will be all...for now

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Sorry 'bout that. I had a feeling somebody would say that. But I've had a list of crap they should have in battlefront 3 ever since battlefront 2 was anounced. I should have just edited the first post instead of doubleposting , lol.


To Mothon Gyzaal -


Btw , the crab droid shouldn't be a vehicle, its a droid like the homing spider droid but since the spider droid id already in Battlefront it wouldn't be that bad. The idea of being able to hurt troops in the hangar by bombing the area over the hangar is cool as well as the idea of being able to destroy the shield in the hangar and all the troops get sucked out.


To MachineCult -


I thought it was readable. What do you think of the CIS getting a buzz droid instead of recon droid or soldiers except SBDs being able to cook grenades like in Medal of Honor?


Heros should die not just kneel and fade away. they could die like in the movies.Ki-Adi-Mundi stumbled back and then fell on his back after being shot. Aayla Secura twisted while falling down. Plo Koon put his hand up to his face before dying. Darth Vader slowly fell on his back. Heros who didn't die like Hann Solo , Chewbacca , Princess Leia should have death animations and no not the stupid kneeling and no not the ones AI have in BF 1 and 2. There should be new death animations!

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Buzz droids yeah, but the cookable grenades I think would be really over-used online.


What is a cookable grenade may I ask?


Actually it would be nice if there are other type of game modes available, which would help greatly with custom maps. Things like "protect the vip" and a multiplayer hunt mode(real hunt where the other side play as monsters) would be nice, so did missions with objectives like "destroy structure A and B".


Also nice would be a "custom class" where each player would be able to use with customized variations of equipment and stats, and a small variation for looks(like different backpacks on a standard clone) The custom class can be chosen in place of the second elite class, thereby providing some variations between hard working players. Equipment variations would be minor, liek the choice between elite/regular rifles/shotguns/launcher, a pistol or melee weapon/etc, and two choices of special things which includes various grenades/jumppacks/cloaking/forcefields/buffs/etc


Since number of elite units on the field at the same time is capped, this would not post too much of a problem, and the units would not be too over-powering with basic stat types of a regular troopers, choice between heavy/scout/grunt/etc.


Well it is better than having things like magnaguard w/o melee weapon or almost useless imp officer. at least, not the players have a choice of using a custom soldier rather than these preset elite.

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To cook a grenade you pull the pin and wait before you throw it, meaning it explodes sooner once it reaches its target. Of course there are no "pins" on Star Wars thermal detonators or concussion grenades but a switch as seen in Return of the Jedi when Princess Leia threatens Jabba the Hutt.


The idea of a "protect the v.i.p." mode would probably end up with the friendly AI units killing the v.i.p. while trying to shoot the enemy forces due to the crappy AI of the first 2 games. But if they improve AI in 3 it would be a good idea.

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This forum is still alive?!?!


Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but here's a simple way to make BF3 actually good. COPY BF2142. Seriously, that game steals everything that would have made BF2 good (spaceships, VTOL units, walkers and hover tanks) and doesn't have lame-ass noob-friendly Jedi units ruining battles.


I reckon that the SP levels need to use maps different from the MP maps, like Splinter Cell does, because it was painfull playing BF2 and just running from command post to command post doing 'something' for the hell of it.


Also, I'd rather the team FOCUSSED on the more popular aspects of SW and made a good game, BF2 felt like they were forced to add stuff in like Jedi, space levels and Polis Massa having a battle. Give us some decent levels PLEASE! There's a ton of EU out there, lets go exploring a little with ideas rather than being limited to having to make every level a scene from the films, regardless of the fact that Polis Massa is smaller than most stealth game levels and Jabba's Palace is so narrow that Darth Maul hogs a corrdior!


I don't want an enclopaedia of Star Wars units, keep it small, concise and cool, look at the BF2142 classes, they're customisable and have a class for all purposes out of only 4 base classes. Same with vehicles. Keep the vehicles consistant with the levels so people get used to playing them, and actually make them useful this time.

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Just gotta add, make the levels more like Bespin (both) and less like Felucia!


Seriously, The BF1 levels Rhen Var (both), Tattoine (city) and Kashyyk Docks and both Bespins are the best levels in BOTH games. Simply because they either have a clear forward-backwards mentality for gaining and losing ground, or they have a clear 'flow' and direction to where you need to go. Also they have ample space for vehicles when needed without becoming vehicle dominated. Yes they could be tweaked into 'redux' versions for BFIII, but the style and pace could be shifted into other maps.

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